Unable to start openmrs after deploying on tomcat


I am not able to start openmrs - see 2nd image.

I am getting the following error message: “FAIL - Application at context path /openmrs could not be started”

Also when I try to start it as a service in CLI, i get “openmrs: unrecognized service” - see 3rd image

Kindly assist, Thanks, Liz


Sorry about it! Kindly share the entire error log using pastebin.

Here is the pastebin link https://pastebin.com/VCPd7kz5

Also see this one - https://pastebin.com/k5d8FvSa

I also followed troubleshooting steps found here but still got the same error message - FAIL - Application at context path /openmrs could not be started.

Best, Liz

Which version of Java are you running?

Version 1.6

Good morning @dkayiwa & @jwnasambu ,

I would like to set up a fresh environment.

For the openmrs.war file, platform 2.2.0, released on 21st March 2019, size 98.4MB, what version of ubuntu server should i use? What version of java and what version of tomcat should I install?

I didn’t find this information in the release notes. Thanks.

Best, Liz

If you open the webapp folder on the server, who is the owner and what permissions are they granted?