Unable to login openMRS after logout openMRS application

Hi, when I am relogin openMRS getting this screen unable to login

Check on the password

username - admin password - Admin123
Password is correct but location is not here that why i am unable choose any location.

I am done that operation and after relogin that time getting login screen like that

In other word the location is missing on your application? try opening the application on a new tab

i am opening in new tag then also getting same problem

here location is missing .

and also one thung that when I installed Address Hierarchy module but in server console adressHierarchy database table not availble why treated like that


Do you mind re- starting your server?

i have done this. thank you.

I am installed Adress Hierarchy . how get drop down in address state,district and country.

When you click on address button, it will bring those options.

Hi, @tendomart @dsurrao
adds.csv (461 Bytes)

when I upload our CSV file then after getting Error and not unable to open manage Address Hierarchy tab

INFO - LoggingAdvice.invoke(155) |2018-04-13 16:34:57,035| Exiting method deleteAddressHierarchyLevel ERROR - SqlExceptionHelper.logExceptions(146) |2018-04-13 16:34:57,083| Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails (openmrs.address_hierarchy_level, CONSTRAINT parent_level FOREIGN KEY (parent_level_id) REFERENCES address_hierarchy_level (address_hierarchy_level_id)) ERROR - BatchingBatch.performExecution(141) |2018-04-13 16:34:57,089| HHH000315: Exception executing batch [could not execute batch]


When I click

Address Hierarchy Module ----> Manage Address Hierarchy

after getting Error

Thanx I done this problem

The issue arises if you have no locations with the Login Location tag

@govindsharma was your problem sorted out?

yes this problem solved .

can i do registartionapp module in eclipse for own modification.

i want registrationapp module configure in eclipse and compile and execution in eclipse.

via git I downloaded in location machine when I configiure eclipse getting error in POM.xml