Unable to find a runtime properties file

Hello friends, I am having trouble running my first project that I created as directed from the openmrs docs. I have the runtime properties files pesent with the right configurations but somehow when i run the sdk it gives me back the message of unable to find a runtime properties file. My problem is similar to this Database connection problems with SDK however the discussion was suddenly cut short and i cant find a solution there in.my errors are posted here https://pastebin.com/wbBnCRsg Any help rendered would be so great…

Can you confirm that MySQL is running with a database named server3?

take a look at your run time properties file.

#Auto generated by OpenMRS initialization wizard
#Tue Mar 05 15:01:15 EAT 2019
connection.password= **password**
  • Ensure your MySQL is installed and running.
  • By default the SDK created a DB as your server name, in your case its server3
  • Ensure in your run time properties file you have the right user (root by default) and coresponding password coresponding to what you set in MySQL

How do i confirm this?

check your mySQL database either via UI or commandline depending on how you installed it.

i dont have such a db in my system…

with in the server setting I have the runtime properties file as shown below.

#Auto generated by OpenMRS initialization wizard
#Thu May 02 04:53:58 EAT 2019

whic db name is set in your runtime properites file? inside your sdk server3 folder??

According to my runtime properties I think its server3…I seem to get it(I dont have the db in the system)…Should I manually create it then?

how were you able to generate that file? That file is Auto generated by the sdk.

This line mean the SDK created a database with name server3.

you seem to have made a change in your MySQL or probably you just copiedand psted that file.

ok try changing connection.url=jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/server3

to connection.url=jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/openmrs

and see if it works. because thats the only openmrs database i see in your MySQL. and put in the right credentails ie user and password as what you set in your MySQL

I used the sdk to create the database…during this time…Failed to connect to specified database while setting up sever

ok . but then your MySQL cant reflect it? . probably you have different Mysql databases installed, if thats possible anyway.

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Let me try to set a new server all over again…This mix up might be because am using different directories for the servers and also my project…When i copy the runtime properties file into the project folder…it is able to connect however now the issue is the database…ill keep you posted on the success if i record any…otherwise thanks…


i have been succeful with a new set up of the server…Thanks everyone. the db has been set up

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Hello, My db is running. Openmrs also running. But I couldn’t find runtime properties. Also, where I put modules( . omod ) files? I searched appdata folder. But nothing found.

Can you share the contents of your server side logs via pastebin.com?