UI test build failures for the distro's CI plan

The ui-tests seem to fail frequently lately, seems like some tests are a little flaky to me. i suspect there is something not right with the way they are setup.

i fixed some tests the other day but i realized some failures are due to the fact that a page hasn’t yet fully loaded or actually the page never loads and this can be due to the fact that devtest01 is down because changes are being applied after a later build and i think this explains why some builds run almost indefinitely until someone stops them.

I guess my question, is how can we address these failures?

@tmueller has been working on fixing some of the issues, but he is less available lately. Some time ago I marked all flaky tests as ignored, but I guess they are again being run and failing. @tmueller, did you enabled them again? I asked a few times to keep our build green and enable tests only if they are reliable. I understand there is some issue with our ui tests setup and we are working on running tests on saucelabs, but until that is ready, we should keep the build green and mark unreliable tests as ignored. @tmueller, could you please ignore all failing tests so our build is green?

I haven’t been paying attention to the failures recently, but Is the problem that specific tests are flaky? Or that randomly some tests fail, but it could be any test that fails?

I agree with Rafa, that flaky tests need to be ignored, off the top of my head the usual suspects have been:

  • RegistrationAppTest.registerUnidentifiedPatient
  • NamePatientAccentedLetterTest.namePatientAccentedLetterTest

The above tests seems to have alerts or toast messages that are the problem as seen in the logs here and here, i think the best option for now is to just ignore the tests for now, after we are done releasing 2.3 we can get rid of the alerts and fix the tests

Hi, Some time ago I isolated some problems causing ui tests to fail that I wasn’t able to fix:

I am afraid that the chromedriver problem and possibly user being logged out problem can happen on every test. There is a possibility that implementing Sauce Labs will make the tests more stable.

Like @raff said, my availability is limited lately, so I would highly appreciate if more people could contribute to UI Tests issues. And when ignoring tests, please always add a reason(error) that caused the test to be ignored.

Hello friends , Hope we are doing great , We are trying to resurrect almost a number of uitests that were ignored recently due to their failure and ci build not green, There are those tests i think which were ignored after some years passed and i think there is some designs to replicate ,

Take forexample HomePage and its child pages that it inherits i found that there are some change that we may need to cater for to meet the current workflow of manual testing in refApp while trying to replicate all tests were ignored thanks to @k.joseph who is trying to help us ,

currently working on this ticket, which is i think failing due to the change/design am bringing in presumably ,We seem to change a number of Pages that inherits from HomePage, there seems to be a change between written selenium tests that inherit from homePage and the system workflow where an inquiring your help your review on this will be much appreciated thanks cc @k.joseph @dkayiwa @ibacher