Trialing Slack for the OpenMRS Community

To join the OpenMRS Slack workspace:

If people aren’t aware there is an OpenMRS Slack channel. Consider signing up and joining some workspaces

Such as

  • Microfrontends
  • FHIR
  • Infrastructure
  • Google Summary of Code
  • ReffApp210 Release
  • Appointment module widget
  • Strategy & Operations

?Should this thread be pinned in the forum so people are aware of the Slack group (@Jennifer)

I think the thread should be pinned. I accidentally stumbled upon this thread this morning and already joined Slack. I would have joined sooner if I knew about it. I’m on the irc channel a lot but that has not been helpful to me so far.

What is your irc name?

I moved our Slack form to (source), added a feature to auto-launch our Slack workspace, and added Slack to the navigation links in Talk.

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