The Creation of an East Africa Community

Hi Simon, great to have you here! Are you in Uganda and more broadly, what are you working on?

We shall keep the community updated especially on plans for the meeting in Uganda later in the year next year.

Happy holidays!

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HI Wayee,

Ministry of health is to schedule a meeting with the organisation i work for, in which am to give update on the OpenMRS progress, Worldwide Summit and the proposed EA OpenMRS Implementers meeting in Uganda. Once that meeting is held i will update the community.

What’s the progress on the EA OpenMRS Implementers meeting in Uganda? Is there a data and venue? There is much interest – including Partners In Health teams in Rwanda, Malawi, and Lesotho.


Ellen Ball Partners In Health Boston, MA USA

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Hello everyone!

Reeling from a very successful meeting in Kampala over this past week, we had several discussions about re-activating this effort.

We now have several OpenMRS distros spread across the EAC and particularly the Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania governments (MOH) have decisively and un-ambiguously provided strong leadership in national-wide implementation of customised distributions of OpenMRS.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are past the stage of defining value additions of this regional collaboration based on our common country investments with OpenMRS. Besides the MOH, we have key development and implementing partners solidly supporting OpenMRS implementation, There was clear evidence of this in Kampala.

I will send out a summary of key action points from discussions we had in Kampala all throughout the week and which are consistent with discussions we had in Singapore last year.

We are in exciting times!

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