Testing OpenMRS Platform 1.11 Release Tickets - Sprint 1 Statistics


For the previous two weeks we have been having the first iteration of the Testing OpenMRS Platform 1.11 Release Tickets sprint, we are glad to announce that it has all moved successfully and here are the statistics of how it has gone.

First of all we appreciate all our participants; Thank you so so much for your efforts, we are proud of you and what you have done for us so-far. We have had a number of participants like Matthew, Downey among several others, but the only efforts ranked are those represented on the tickets, in this case one that did the testing, added the comment and perhaps added either a pass or fail label.

We had a total of 118 tickets to be tested for the first iteration, and of those 104 tickets have been tested already making 14 tickets not yet tested as of this time when am writing this report.

Of the 104 tickets that were tested, 17 tickets failed the test and 87 tickets passed the test.

This therefore makes the test a success since the largest number of the tested tickets passed, we are trying see that the failed tickets can be worked upon.

Now, remembering that there are goodies waiting for our participants, let me announce to you our most outstanding contributor; if I said the test was a one man’s work, I think I would be right since this gentleman did more detailed observations, he tested 83 tickets of 104, Yes, I mean 79.8077 % of the testing was carried out by this leading participant.

Let us all give our sincere thanks to: @arbaughj who is our number one contributor in this case.

This implies that James is topping all other participants’ contributions and therefore qualifies for the first prize which is: receives priority ranking in their “OpenMRS contribution” for the Implementer’s Meetings scholarship



** :slight_smile:

KAWEESI JOSEPH (k-joseph) OpenMRS 1.11 Release Manager


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