Sync 2.0 Planning

I will try to join, but generally it helps to add the event to the OpenMRS calendar, so that people (like me!) see this on their calendar even when behind in reading Talk. :slight_smile:


@tmueller in the past, for the sync2 project, a new talk post used to be sent with a doodle poll for people’s availability. Then an announcement was sent out informing everyone about the selected date. This event was then added to the OpenMRS calendar. And finally, at round 15 minutes to the call, another reminder was sent on talk, just in case.

Did the above process change? :smile:


We are taking into consideration implementing also support for OpenMRS 1.X

who of 1.X version users would be interested in implementing Sync 2.0 ?

@ningosi, @willa, @mseaton, @ssmusoke, anyone?

Regards, Tomasz


Hello @tmueller sorry I didn’t see this sooner. Yes, we at FGH Mozambique are interested in implementing Sync 2.0 and we are huge! So it is worth the effort.

Thank you.

Could this explanation be the cause of this Atom feed module

Hi @darius

Before we implement any further changes, as OpenMRS Sync 2.0 is currently ready to use for OpenMRS 2.x users, we need someone using this version to beta test it as it is now. Is there anyone to volunteer?

@ssmusoke, @toddandersonpih, anyone?

Regards, Tomasz

I can talk to a couple of UgandaEMR over the next week.

@tmueller Can you provide a summary of what is available and how to set it up.

@aramirez, did you happen to see this thread? :slight_smile:

@burke yes, i’ve seen this I’m currently migrating a database from my current working version 1.9.8 to 2.1 This is going to take a while as I want to test it on a fully working deployment, and for that I have to figure out certain configurations and modules that are no longer compatible with the current version of OpenMRS. I’ll be working on this as my current workload( which is a lot) allows me to.

And get back with the feedback


Hi @tmueller, we are also on 1.9 so won’t be a good candidate for testing.

Good luck

Brief summary: currently, sync2 will synchronize patients between servers, but not their visits, encounters, etc).

The idea is that as soon as there’s a real beta tester, they can start adding support for the rest of the data model.

Speculating about your Uganda use case @ssmusoke, you might be interested to connect a few (don’t start with 1000!) servers from sites with good internet access together such that they sync their patient lists to a central place for data management and/or reporting.

@darius @tmueller The major sell to the partners who want to test out sync (very much needed by the way) is to carry out reporting across multiple facilities, which is essentially observations.

Once this can be done, there are about 3-4 different partners with different facility sizes and setups who are willing to go. Fortunately there is annual reporting in the first 2 weeks of April, so this can happen from about April 16.

@ssmusoke I would guess that there is zero chance that the new feature (synching obs) can be built, tested, and deployed in production in Uganda in the next 3 weeks.

But let’s dive into this use case: are any of these partners in the scenario where they already have identical metadata in all their to-sync facilities?

And what’s the MVP for the simplest of those partners? Is it enough to extend sync to handle visit, encounters, and obs?

(E.g. they’re not using, or wouldn’t need to sync, Program Enrollments, Relationships, Allergies, Orders, Concepts, etc?)

I see that I misread your post, and you’re saying that they could start looking at sync after April 16 (as opposed to hoping for it to be ready in the first 2 weeks of April). Anyway the rest of my post is still relevant.

@darius @tmueller The good thing is that the metadata within UgandaEMR installations is consistent so no need to sync it - basically what we need is the data captured on different forms as the value proposition for beta testing.

Hi @darius, @ningosi, @ssmusoke, @willa

New openmrs sync2 1.1.0 release is available on bintray. Also the newest versions of atomfeed (1.0.5) and fhir (1.13.1) modules have been released.

Changes: Added synchronisation of created visits via REST client

Regards, Tomasz

@tmueller Thanks for the update. Any ETA for getting encounters and observations synced?

Great work @tmueller :slight_smile:

Do you plan to also have it here?

I can see it here:

Did you get this question answered?