Should we use GitHub releases instead of Sourceforge for binaries?

I know sourceforge is so vintage by now that we can possibly can consider it hipster. I know we’ve been discussing to put binaries in bintray (Bintray: Better method of distributing apps?), but wouldn’t it be simpler to keep it as github releases?

I’m not opposed to using GitHub, but Bintray has other features such as being able to host Maven and Docker image repos. I think @raff may have a few thoughts on this too.

Use bintray… why not use bintray?

Well, apparently bintray won’t work for us a maven repo (Strategy for maven repo and software distribution in general)

Also, I wonder why we would move docker images from the default docker hub to bintray. Docker hub is usually where I look for public docker images, I’d never expect images outside it.

I read Bintray: Better method of distributing apps? now, and given those things, which advantages we’d have in bintray to be worth keep another set of credentials, organisations and everything in another system? features we’d actually use?

@cintiadr, the JFrog team said they’ll be able to make the decision about hosting Artifactory for us by the end of November. We could use Artifactory for all releases and stop using Sourceforge.

If it doesn’t work I’d consider GitHub releases as the next best choice.

I agree dockerhub is best for publishing docker images.

Why not use bintray for docker images?

@raff, since November has now ended, do you want to ping JFrog again for an update on timeline? (I would think that if we don’t have some commitment from them by end of the year we should look to other options.)

@darius, just did…

@raff, perhaps it’s worth one last ping now, saying that if we haven’t gotten an answer, we’ll start with alternatives in 2017?

I just did that. I’m sorry I missed your message before.