Request for Platform 1.11.6 Maintenance Release

Continuing the discussion from Platform 1.10.4 release?:

I would like to request for a maintenance release which has a number of bug fixes as we prepare for a rollout, as we are currently using 1.11.6-SNAPSHOT

Thanks in advance

Per this post:

is there a /dev/3 affiliated with your implementation that could actually do this release?

@darius we do not have a dev/3 affiliated with our implementation. I would need secondment to raise to /dev/3 to fill that role

Okay, so, trying to define a repeatable process here…

Since your implementation doesn’t have a /dev/3 and you are asking for the OpenMRS community to do this release, either:

(1) someone will volunteer to do this soon (2) otherwise, the current Community Dev Lead will add this to the community to-do list, and prioritize it against ongoing things like community-priority tickets and code reviews. (And this should typically take somewhere between 1 and 2 weeks.)

@wyclif, @dkayiwa, @raff, does this sound right to you?

It does to me.

Can we create an issue in TRUNK to keep track of the request and highlight it at ?

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Sounds good to me

I don’t like having a TRUNK project for “release the platform”. Do we still have a TODO project? Or perhaps put it in the new Platform project?

They do not have a /dev/3, but he seems ready to do it. Can’t we be a bit more flexible and let him do it with the guidance of some mentor. Yes i love the dev stages, but not when they get in the way of some one who is ready to make something happen. :slightly_smiling:

Dev stages should never get in our way. If you ever feel that dev stages are preventing us from doing something we should be doing, then please let me know immediately. Having someone inexperienced perform a release on their own might get in the way and dev stages can help us recognize and communicate that issue (as @darius demonstrated).


This is a great question. I agree empowering people to “reach beyond their stage” through mentorship is a great model and can help people reach higher stages of developer collaboration.

This would adjust @darius’ summary to this:

I am happy to be a guinea pig for mentorship and help drive the creation/improvement of a process for a newbie through the release process.

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Just brining this back to the top of the pile for a way forward

My suggestion is that you start a new thread asking for anyone who is willing to mentor you through the release process.

@maurya is our manager of release management … hopefully he can provide some guidance on how to get @ssmusoke the informational resources he needs.

But who in engineering makes the decision that a release is warranted? Who is our Platform product owner? :confused:

@michael, thank you for pinging me on this.

@burke, @darius, for maintenance releases or any non-major releases done, like by @mogoodrich for 10.4 (with a request Platform 1.10.4 release?), should the request be agreed upon before a release like for transferring a repo to openmrs? like under Or is it more like, any dev/3 and above can perform a release?

@ssmusoke, You can start by going through openmrs release process documentation to understand the kind of work that will be involved. I haven’t been a Release Manager for platform before. But, I will be glad to be your point of contact if you need any assistance. Meanwhile, before you begin any work, I will try pair you with any of the previous platform managers who would be interested to mentor you or share the responsibility.

@ssmusoke do you have a time limit before which you need to have this release out?