Request for membership in OpenMRS organization


I’m Parker Erway / Undo1 I worked on and published the iOS app as part of Google Code-in. We recently transferred the repository to the OpenMRS organization.

Since we did that, I don’t have commit access to it anymore. What’s the procedure for requesting access to the organization?


Hi @parkererway ! we can help you with that :smile: according to you need to write to code■■■■■■■■■■■■ to request privileges. Please CC’ @harshadura as your sponsor :slight_smile:

@parkererway: Little issue with licensing of our iOS repo (Downey advised me about this, nothing to worry, So don’t take serious about this tho.) But we have to revert back the changes we made to transfer the iOS repo. We have to go through the standard way of writing to code@o.o and get this transition done with the help of core devs. These licensing stuff are bit complicating and serious you know :smile:

Sorry for the inconvenience occurred ok.

So when you are writing to code@o.o asking for permissions to commit, Also mention about this repo transfer thing too.

Thanks! Harsha

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