Reporting UI additional parameters

Am looking for a better way to supply a patient identifier as a parameter on the reporting UI by just typing the name and on selection of that name, I pick the desired identifier or at least allow me to enter the identifer and be used. Currently, I can only supply date. Is there a way to do that in the reporting UI module. @mseaton @dkayiwa @darius

@ningosi, it is easy to support additional data types, if an appropriate widget exists to handle it. This is a commit I made recently to support Location parameters (not yet released, but if you run off the latest snapshot you’ll see it):


Thanks mike. I would really want to have paitent identifier added as a parameter so that one can easly get summary about a given patient. I suppose I could just follow the same steps other parameters have been done like get to the uicommons module and add a fragment called identifiers or something that can filter a patient uniquely(could be picking the identifier by selecting the name), then include those in the runReport.gsp page? please give me pointers on how to include that.

@ningosi Why not use the patientId or patient uuid as that is guaranteed to be available for each and every patient that you are working with

On the patient dashboard you can even add custom links provided by the custom Links widget

@ningosi: refer to this post

You can have Patient parameter type in new version of HTMLWIDGET module which is added by @dkayiwa

Thank @ssmusoke. Of course by clicking on the name of the patient for selection, patient_id or patient uuid will be passed.

@ningosi, as I understand it, the report parameter type is Patient (and the widget should support searching for the patient by ID, and I would assume also name, just like our standard patient search does). Right?

Yes. That is exactly what I meant.

Okay, so it sounds like the link from @hpardess is what you should look at.

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