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I’m new to openMRS and just familiarizing myself with the system and application. Please forgive my ignorance:)

I just downloaded the openMRS-standalone v.2.2. After I started working inside the standalone application I noticed that every time I tried using the “Resister a patient” module I would get this error (pasted below). I also am not able to save a visit note. It also gives me an “unexpected error, see system administrator”

I re-downloaded the openMRS-standalone v.2.2, loaded the empty database version, changed the admin login credentials and still the same error keeps coming up when I try to use the "register a patient module. I’m able to add patients through the Administration module > Manage Patients > add patients.

I made sure that the user roles had super user access, full access, developer, provider etc. But still keep getting the error? Is there a setting I’m not checking?

I noticed that the module does work when I install the demodatabase but doesn’t when I install the empty database?

The only difference I can see between the two is the location selection for the log in. The location I’ve chosen in “unknown” in the starter Implementation installation. Does that have something to do with this error?

Thanks for your help. Let me know if I need to provide any more information or the full error log.

I’m running;

  • Mac 10.7.5

  • firefox brower 40.0.03

  • openMRS standalone v. 2.2

    UI Framework Error Root Error

    java.lang.IllegalStateException: Logged-in user is not a Provider

    Full Error

    org.openmrs.ui.framework.ViewException: Error rendering page view for registerPatient. Model properties: sessionContext featureToggles patient primaryIdentifierType appId formStructure nameTemplate addressTemplate includeRegistrationDateSection allowUnknownPatients allowManualIdentifier patientDashboardLink enableOverrideOfAddressPortlet breadcrumbOverride ui context contextPath session param out

    Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Logged-in user is not a Provider

Dear @bohm, welcome to the OpenMRS community.

I suspect you are getting the error because you didn’t create a provider. Notice that in recent versions of OpenMRS, creating a user and creating a provider are two different steps.

If you’re already created the user, you just need to create the provider. To do that, go to System Administration - Advanced Administration - Manage Providers - Add Provider and add a new provider for the previously created person.

For instructions see…

I hope this helps you get started.


Thank you for taking the time and pointing me in the right direction. It definitely fixed my problem. I look forward to discovering this wonderful community.

Good vibes

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I want to add Father Name and address filed in registartion Patient ,in adress field have drop down ,I am struggling so much but i am unable to do properly every time giving me Error.

I am followed this and also Personalizing patient registration fields

but i am ubable to do please help me.


try posting the error logs here so that they can be viewed

can you give me which steps I followed

for add two field in registartion patient page

Please visit this page and you will get a JSON to see how to add fathername in registration form:

Please follow this talk: Personalizing patient registration fields