Reference Application 2.9 - Ideas and Thoughts

Happy New Week everyone, and it is that time of the year when we start building together ideas for what needs to be included in Reference Application 2.9, with our newly selected Release Manager @reubenv

The idea is to have 2 or 3 large features, and maybe 4-5 small features and additions to help prioritization

The list from Reference Application 2.8 - Reference Application 2.8 Ideas and Thoughts

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and inputs…

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Not sure if there is time, but I would love to see login, landing page, and patient dashboard refactored into React against the REST API.

I would love to see this addressed by the next release of the referenceapplication:

cc @mseaton

  • I wish to see us building inbuilt support for some key system events listening such as login/logout
  • Seems our startup is slow and would wish to improve this, probably avoiding auto-wiring resources/components all through our modules and core would help out, i spied on this and it improves on the time
  • may be late but probably figure out how we can help modules define their own logging mechanism

@mseaton @mogoodrich and I had suggested a few things for RefApp 2.8: Complete condition list, OpenELIS integration, etc.

In addition:

  • more patient summary widgets for the clinician dashboard (more flexible graphs for multi-variables and log).
  • standard logic for handling forms – don’t allow a followup form until the intake is completed

@ssmusoke - Thanks for the prompt.

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@ball i think condition lists was completed in 2.8 Is there any missing bit of it?

@ssmusoke Thanks for this call.

  1. Patient Queueing
  2. Simple Lab (test request, processing of samples, capturing of results).

@slubwama in regards to your second request, have you been following the order entry work that is being done by Andela?

@dkayiwa Yes But the focus is on drug orders currently. Maybe we could push to see the efforts go to test as well

@slubwama it started with drug orders, but has moved on to other types of orders. When did you last listen to a recoding of their demo? :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa +1. We should try to get this ready-for-work. Currently the ticket is still marked as Design needed


@herbert24 do you think some of these great ideas could be developed during #omrs18 Hackthon ?

@dkayiwa - Unfortunately condition list is not quite complete. Some of us went through the current implementation back in April and documented what needs to be done:

So, definitely +1 on @ball’s suggestion on completing condition list. It would be a shame to leave this in a partially completed state.


@ddesimone do we have tickets for the remaining condition lists work such that we start looking for volunteers to take them on?

@dkayiwa, no not yet. If we have a team that is scheduled to work on this, we (PIH) can write these up.

Let us know!


We have community volunteers who look for community priority tickets. Therefore if you have these ready, i can point them there.

@dkayiwa @ssmusoke@burke @k.joseph @mseaton can we include some of these ideas on those to be developed during the #omrs18 Hackthon ?

The plan is to have these some of these ideas released by October 2018, any which are not ready could be worked on in the hackathon

@ssmusoke okie then thanks

@dkayiwa The condition list tickets have been added here and are ready for work:

Thanks, Dave

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