Reference Application 2.8 Ideas and Thoughts

Happy New Year to you all…

Now that the holidays are over and done with, we are looking for your support in prioritising the features for the next Reference Application release.

A couple of thoughts that I have gathered to date, from Talk, Scrum of Scrums and the Malawi OpenMRS conference include:

  1. Login page, Dashboard and Visits page migrated to use modern recommended technologies - OWAs, Twitter Bootstrap
  2. Update documentation to expose all features that are available - currently the page is just a list of features copied from version to version
  3. Update sample data to expose all features - programs, workflows, dashboard widgets, customizable dashboards
  4. Multiple HTML Forms submitting to a single encounter
  5. Additional pre-built reports
  6. Using Open Concept Lab (OCL) with Reference Application

Please do share your ideas thoughts to help us grow the RefApp by Friday February 16, 2018


Thanks to the help of @zouchine I would hope for Attachments to become 100% RESTful soon. While this is only a small part of what I hoped for its 2.0 version… that could perhaps already make the cut for a release and finally an entry into the Ref App.

I completely support the transition to the OWA model.

While doing so, I wish that we could keep offline features in sight. It would be great if OWAs were scaffolded with service workers in mind, so that when it’ll come to it the skeleton is already in place.

I think @ivange94 was doing some work in that direction if I’m not mistaken, I don’t remember in which OWA and for what exact purpose.

Agree with @mksd about offline. Would also like to move to more tablet-friendly (and mobile) interfaces. Maybe this already works well, but we’ll find out. Has RefApp integrated with OpenELIS – benefiting from Bahnmi’s work?


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Minor point–there’s likely to be change in Platform 2.2 that switches provider roles to be handled in core and use concepts instead of separate “provider_role” table currently provided by the provider management module. Would be good to make sure that all the Account management and the Relationship management tools added in coreapps and adminui still works after this change… I believe it won’t out of the box.

Take care, Mark

My personal vote is to get people working on OCL linkage to OpenMRS, and on Monday’s design forum Jon Payne and I will be working on some workflows in this general area. (I’m not sure how it fits the refapp though.)

One possible thing is Drug Order Entry. I started this thread based on an offline conversation with Daniel about needing a good JavaScript project for an Andela team: Porting Order Entry UI to ReactJS and adding it to the reference application?

I know @insiderish and others did a lot of great work trying to incorporate condition lists into the reference application, and @ddesimone has been keen on including that in the PIH distribution of the refapp. A lot of that is documented here OMRS17 Hackathon Condition list, but there are several tickets remaining to finish this work off that would be great to complete before the next release. This seems like it should be a do-able project in the timeframe.

I’d also be interested in having someone explore how some of the latest innovations (eg. by Mekom solutions, Andela, and others) could be incorporated into the reference application. Specifically these could include the new Cohort Builder and the Initializer module.


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