Recommending Jayasanka Weerasinghe for /dev/2

Frankly this is overdue. @jayasanka has done a great job at adding new features to the DHIS2 Reporting Module as his GSoC project as well as reviewing the OpenMRS-DHIS2 landscape, which he continues to be working on.


Congratulations @jayasanka , well deserved and keep up

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congs @jayasanka :partying_face:

@ibacher @f4ww4z i think @rishabh997 deserves to be upgraded to /dev/2 for the great work he did in the openmrs android client during gsoc 2020 period


Thank you very much @ibacher @sharif and @gcliff! :heart_eyes:

I’m really glad to work with OpenMRS! :heart:


@jayasanka congratulation!!

I can’t help but completely agree. :smile:

@jayasanka you are doing an amazing work for the community and please keep it up! :slight_smile:


Here here! :tada:

This is very well-earned. @jayasanka you are a huge inspiration with your dedication and committed work, even beyond the GSOC project. We are so grateful to know you and better yet to be sharing work with you. You amaze me every check-in - you have always accomplished so much in between squad calls, and you bring thoughtful work to the table.

Thank you, and we look forward to continuing to share this journey with you!


Thank you @ibacher for the recommendation! It was a great pleasure to see @jayasanka grow within the OpenMRS community!

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Congrats @jayasanka :orange_heart: :100: