Publishing Event Alerts to Patient Dashboard + New Sections in Layout

Continuing the discussion from Data Quality Dashboard: Publishing events to the patient dashboard

I am opening up this topic to find out what (if any) architectural plans for publishing events to the patient dashboard from different modules. Is there any work being done on this, or any relevant documentation.

In the same breath I would like to suggest the addition of header and footer sections to the dashboard like in the image below.

@ssmusoke am not aware of any work being done in this regard! Are you talking of alerts like the one to configure atlas? Do you have real screenshots for what you are thinking?

@dkayiwa I am looking at notifications like that but which only appear for a patient on their dashboard.

Hi @ssmusoke,

I am sorry to only rebound now on this.

We have a requirement that goes a little bit in your direction since our client wants some patient information to be highlighted in the patient header. In our case it’s more about some important reminders or important notes that should hang there so that every clinician is aware of it when opening the patient page. However in our case it has got to be on the actual patient header, since it has to be visible all the time, not just when accessing the CF dashboard. The Patient Flag module does not apply for our use case either, since we just want a special obs per patient to be displayed, it’s nothing that can be defined by a rule and that would apply to several patients.

I hope I could contribute more to your topic but I’m afraid that’s about it from us at the moment.

@mksd Actually your use case is in line with what I am looking for, the patient header would just be an alternate target destination for the messages, to be displayed.

What I am thinking is that how can we get information displayed in some locations without having to override the fragments and/or pages.

Well, in our case, we are never shy of adding new extension points, and actually I hope that it’s ok (performance wise, design wise… etc).

For instance we had to add two such extension points in the patient header. This has not yet been PR’d and merged in, but in our new effort to unfork Core Apps we will suggest such changes to the community.

@mksd adding extension points for such feels like a step in the right direction! :slight_smile: