Proposing an OpenMRS Platform 2.3.3 Maintenance Release

I am proposing the platform version 2.3.3 maintenance release which will include the following tickets with fix version Core 2.3.3 which can also be seen by comparison on Github

All of issues are already closed which is a good thing.

Any objections to this? @dev3, @dev4, @dev5

Update Looks like we have an agreement. The release will be performed officially on Monday March 8th, 2021


I think thats fine with me , i can see some reasonable changes to make a minor release

Great that’d be welcome @willa.

Agreed - thanks for doing this @willa , definitely welcome.

Welcome indeed. Thanks for bringing this up @willa!

Has anyone seen anything like below? I am facing this error when publishing readme & war file.

Could this be related to the discussion here Bamboo cannot publish files to sourceforge!

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Yes it is exactly the same issue. Well, it seems this error does not prevent the artifacts from being released. Thanks issue is solved.

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It actually prevents the standalone from being uploaded to sourceforge.

So, what do I do?