Prioritization Factors/Criteria for funding projects

Last year, the community started discussing how OpenMRS Inc might fund projects. We got as far as outlining an initial approach to and criteria for identifying and prioritizing projects. And the community offered a lot of great ideas for projects.

We haven’t gone beyond these initial steps. It’s time for us to a) work out our prioritization factors and a more formal proposal guideline/process and b) determine how many funding opportunities will be offered and at what levels. Jan and I are also looking into some legal and fiscal questions that have come up several times that will inform our guidelines and process.

First up, prioritization factors. Below is a list of the prioritization factors for project selection proposed in past discussions:

  • Catalytic Ideas: transformative
  • Value to Health Equity
  • Patient Safety impact
  • Quality of Care impact
  • High Priority
  • Sustainability
  • Who benefits (the community or specific population)
  • Consequences of inertia

For each factor, what are 2-3 questions that we can use to review and evaluate projects?

Feel free to reply here or work directly in this Google document as well.

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During this week’s Operations meeting, we started to review the Prioritization Factors/Criteria for funding projects through OpenMRS Inc.

A couple of comments/observations from the discussion:

  1. High priority wasn’t really clear. This is looking at how well the proposed project responds to priority needs within the community.
  2. Prioritization criteria will be used to evaluate project proposals - and this is different from eligibility criteria, which still needs to be defined.

These criteria will remain up and open for review and comment until Thursday, 2 May: please ask any final questions or propose changes before then. Next Thursday, we’ll move on to reviewing and discussing the proposal application and selection process.