Platform 2.0 REST-WS testing

Hi Dev’s and Testers

We are looking forward to release platform 2.0 by next week. A major task pending is to do end to end tests for rest-ws module and verify that major services of the module work well with Platform 2.0.

Here is a wiki documenting the testing process we are following :

The Rudimentary Testing section enlists the major user-stories we wish to test. You can update the Google Sheet once you have tested the endpoints.

In case you have any questions/ suggestions, please do not hesitate to ping @maany @wyclif or @burke.

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I tested concept creation, searching, retiring, and purging. I published my Postman collection here as platform-2.0-tests (collection & environment). All tests pass. Documented in the google spreadsheet.

Thanks @maany! Platform 2.0 ftw!

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Thanks @burke!

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I tested creating a patient, adding a visit, adding an allergy, adding an encounter linked to a visit with orders and Obs. Adding a patient failed but I was unable to create a ticket for it because of Jira permission issues. We need to update the module to use a TreeSet for patient identifiers because it was changed in the platform from a LinkedHashSet, I should be able to create a ticket once jira is up.

I created RESTWS-605 to get the issue fixed

@wyclif well done with the testing. I got the exact same error when i run the existing PatientController1_9Test on platform 2.0

@wyclif, @dkayiwa, and I discussed this ticket and have a relatively quick fix – i.e., avoid using collection setters on domain objects; rather, use add/remove methods. Doing this in the REST API will avoid the error caused by the change in the underlying collection type in Platform 2.0 (patient identifiers were sorted, but not implemented as an ordered set until Platform 2.0).

Strangely your collection wouldn’t be imported in my postman. Which version of postman did yo use to create them?