Platform 2.0 release update

We still have 2 tickets that need to be worked on, TRUNK-4765 and TRUNK-3422, please if you have time, feel free to claim and work on any of them.

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My understanding is @maany was having some internet issues. I just saw this response to @wyclif:

Hey Wyclif!

I was unable to host a rest endpoint test sprint for the REST-WS module. I can set it up this weekend. Once that is complete, we should be good to go ahead for a Final release.
I did not have good internet here until today and will follow up on all the remaining tasks on the weekend. I can make the release by end of next week.

Kind regards Mayank

@maany, just let us know how the community can help. Platform 2.0 ftw! :thumbsup:

Hey @wyclif @burke I will set up the testing sprint for REST-WS sometime after the PM call today. @wyclif The REST-WS tickets seem to be resolved. I was using this board to track them :

@burke @jthomas I plan to test rest endpoint by Friday and make the release on the weekend

@burke @wyclif

Here is the wiki page we intend to use for testing rest endpoints.

I am working on a script to auto populate rest endpoints in the Google Sheet to reduce data entry for testers. But even without the auto-population, I think we are good to start the test sprint. After you guys have deliberated over this in today’s PM call, I will announce the sprint.

Here are the Todo’s for 2.0

  1. Test rest-endpoint
  2. Decide how to fix TRUNK-4901 - Scheduled orders cannot be discontinued
  3. Make final release
  4. Migration Paths to 2.x

Things are moving slow for me from Geneva due workload at CERN and internet issues back at the hotel. I do not intend to delay the release any further and I feel it would be in the best interest of the community if someone can take care of the for the above 4 steps in the meantime. I am always happy to answer and provide any information needed that may be required. :smiley: Hope we can get Platform 2.0 out soon :smiley:

I would like to work on TRUNK-4901 can do so tomorrow, can someone assign me the issue? it still needs assessment. we have been discussing the issue at difference voided and discontinued order

@teleivo, we will discuss this on today’s Design Forum (in 15 minutes)

Thanks @teleivo. We will discuss TRUNK-4901 (and this thread shortly on today’s Design Forum and will comment here (in case you can’t join the call).

Thanks, unfortunately I can’t join :frowning: will be watching this thread for your results. Thank you!

No worries. We’ll just chat to try to make sure there’s a clear path forward and then share out thoughts here. Thanks!

I updated the REST testing wiki page to include the rudimentary tests which use REST that need to be performed, I’ll be posting to talk soon asking for volunteers to help with the testing.

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@wyclif thanks for all the work to get the issues (TRUNK-3422 ) resolved.

@teleivo could you give an update on the status of

Here is the announcement for the testing sprint :

@maany I made a PR @wyclif wants me to write a test that hasnt been written for any method with similar behavior to the new one I added to Order and I dont know how to write it. So I guess I am blocked.

As I mentioned in my recent comment on the ticket, I guess the test isn’t a big requirement so I should be able to merge the code later today and close the ticket.

Great work on TRUNK-4901 @teleivo @wyclif .

Here are the updates from my end : :smiley:

I’m working on release notes wiki page and announcement blog. I can share everything with you @wyclif by tomorrow night.

@surangak, @raff and @sunbiz We plan to release FHIR , REST and OWA modules with Platform 2.0 final release. We will try to make the Platform 2.0 artifacts available on Nexus this week (I know @dkayiwa and @wyclif are working on RESTWS-605 and we can get started once that gets resolved). Do you foresee any blockers or do you think everything should work smoothly with releasing the modules against Platform 2.0?

Thanks @maany! This is the final stretch. :smiley:

@wyclif, @dkayiwa, and I came up with a solution for RESTWS-605.

@dkayiwa discovered an issue with setting global properties that contain a dot in the name. He’s investigating, will create a ticket, and @wyclif will help sort this out.

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I have created the ticket RESTWS-606

And another one: TRUNK-4905

@maany now that this is done, do you have some time to go on with the release?

@dkayiwa cool thanks! I can deploy artifacts on nexus in 24 hours (after work tomorrow)

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@maany if i uploaded them for you today, do you think you would have time to release by tomorrow? :slight_smile: