Platform 1.10.4 release?

I backported a bug fix today into 1.10.x that inadvertently had been backported to 1.9.x (but not 1.10.x):

Not sure if I 100% need to, but I might want to fast-track getting this out… are there any objections if I want to do a 1.10.4 release in the next few days? Looks like there are only a half-dozen unresolved tickets against 1.10.4 that I’d need to triage.

I don’t think there’s any particular “fast-track” about it. The bar to releasing a maintenance release should be low, assuming that someone is willing to spend the time going through the steps.

I would propose that:

  • any /dev/3 or above should be able to do a maintenance release whenever they feel is appropriate
  • the most common reason would probably be “my implementation wants it”, which is perfectly fine
  • they should post on Talk in the Developers category with 1 working day’s notice before initiating the process
  • (this isn’t strictly necessary because these branches should always be in a releasable state)

The Developer Stages page says that a /dev/3 has privileges to “Manage a release.” Unless there are any objections I’d also add “Initiate a maintenance release.”

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Not sure whom to ask but any chance for a release on the 1.11.x branch which has a couple of fixes that we need in Uganda cc @wyclif @dkayiwa

@ssmusoke I would say feel free to start a new topic requesting a 1.11.x release if you haven’t heard from anybody.

I do plan to do the 1.10.4 release in the next day or two.

Ideally, a maintenance release can be done at any time as long as there are some made commits to that maintenance branch