Planning Soldevelo work while Rafał's on holiday

Sure that makes sense. I will follow up this thread for updates then. Thanks @darius.

@darius We didn’t know about this board before, thanks! We already started work on couple of these.

@ssmusoke I see, thanks!

I see that @mksd is interested in working on DINT-68(although ticket is not claimed yet), would you like to take on creating cross-distro suitable UI as part of this work, or do you want us to do that first?


There is a clear need for DINT-68 but behind the scenes what is really important community-wise is that this could allow for a real (first?) case of cross-distro UI.

In fact the Data Quality Dashboard already has a UI in Bahmni. The ideal final outcome should be that the work being discussed here would allow to seamlessly port this Bahmni UI to the Ref App. And by doing so we would go through the exercise of establishing a UI development framework, that, when followed, achieves the production of cross-distro UIs.

P.S. With the Platform now being released this is not just a ticket or a feature, this paves the way to bringing UIs to a headless Platform.

Cc: @bharatak

Just wanted to point your attention to and

It’s our first take on providing cross distro UIs via Open Web Apps. The uicommons components use css/openmrs-refapp.css styling, which can be provided by a distribution for all Open Web Apps. If css/openmrs-refapp.css is not provided by a distribution, then an app is using a version of the file embedded in the app itself so you can actually run the app on the headless platform. You can also deploy the app to a static server and configure it to connect to an openmrs instance e.g. (given you configured the server for CORS).

I’d envision adding an ability to override components in addition to styling. For example we have an openmrs-header component, which defaults to a header known from the Reference Application, but I can imagine overriding openmrs-header component by a distribution globally for all Open Web Apps deployed on the server similar to how css can be overridden.

@gutkowski Just checking in if you have been able to make any headway

Hey @ssmusoke, sorry for late response. No, we didn’t work on it. As Darius suggested, we are working on community priority tickets.

@adamg, @micherman, @gutkowski, and @tmarzeion, since we worked via a kanban board instead of a scrum, would you mind giving a progress update (e.g. for those of us who don’t follow day to day)?

Hey @darius @micherman has finished his internship, so he didn’t do anything lately. Me and @adamg are working on translating OpenMRS Android App to MVP model, its almost done, see for details :slight_smile:

@darius besides Android Client we did a couple of community priority tickets, like RA-1008, HTML-646, RESTWS-613 and others. We put some work into improving SDK and Metadata Mapping module UI too.

I did some investigation on Cross-distro UI for OWA and I’m currently working on porting Manage Modules view to Reference Application UI.