Patient Summary Widgets Sprint

@raff Thank you let me try it and get back to you with feedback - this would be totally awesome!!!

@raff Another question - how can I change the date format for the data displayed - currently it is yyyy-mm-dd which is the MySQL format, but different from what is used across the UI - e.g. leveraging the global property uiframework.formatter.dateFormat

@ssmusoke, it needs to be ticketed. Currently, it’s hardcoded at, but it can be easily extracted into a config of a widget, which could be set to default from uiframework.formatter.dateFormat gp.

@raff done at

@raff ping did you ever get a chance to look into this? if you do one I can complete the rest

@raff ping again now that you have successfully released 2.0.5 :smile:

@ssmusoke, it’s on my TODO for Monday.

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@raff ping in case you were able to get to this :slight_smile:

@ssmusoke, fixed.

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@raff I would like to get a sense of what it would take to be able to add dashboard widgets to other modules other than coreapps - starting point would be if they are based on the dashboard widgets. I have a workflow that would allow for use of this feature hence providing a testing platform.

Created for this

@raff I have been using the Recent Visits widget and it seems to show encounters that have been voided.

Created (so far I only see encounters but I am not sure about the obs)

@darius I have looked into this feature and it seems to only apply to extensions.

Any ideas of how I can make it work for apps like the widgets like

UPDATE: On further investigation, I see that the require attribute is set for Extension class not ExtensionPoints - however the difference is not clear to me

@raff need your assistance again for dealing with coded and date based obs at

@raff I wanted to ask if you have any bandwith to help work on which will enable the dashboard widgets to be created in modules other than coreapps.

I do! I’ll pick it tomorrow or Friday.

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We wrote some Non Communicable Disease (NCD) patient summary at: Patient Summary - John.pdf (208.7 KB)