Partial match on patient identifiers

I’m writing to ask, if there are any objections to implement in RESTWS a partial match on patient identifiers. Please see

We would search by default for exact match, but give consumers a possibility to specify searchType=start or searchType=anywhere for finding patients by a partially matched identifier…

No objections from me!

No objections here either!


Partial matches on identifiers may increase patient selection error rates. I assume you are only considering matching the front of the identifier and not returning matches to any part of the identifier (which would explode results and be an even higher risk for incorrect patient selection).

@burke, I suggested to use searchType parameter as in concept search and support both start (match front) and anywhere (matching any part) modes. Match front is enough for the reporter, who requested the feature so we can get rid of anywhere.

That’d be my suggestion. I would expect the number of useless matches (noise) and erroneous patient selections to increase well beyond the benefit of doing partial matches in the middle of an identifier.