PACS Integration - PACS to Modality- Work list does not flow to modality

thanks rashashish,

i have made the change in the and when i try to build it i got compilation error message. it says cannot find symbol symbol: method getModalityConceptSource() cannot find symbol [ERROR] symbol: variable locationName

any advice?


what kind of change i have to make on

getModalityConceptSource in OpenMRSOrder is not referring to location. It should simply get the associated concept mapping

public OpenMRSConceptMapping getModalityConceptSource() {
      Iterator var1 = this.concept.getMappings().iterator();

      OpenMRSConceptMapping mapping;
      do {
         if (!var1.hasNext()) {
            return null;

         mapping = (OpenMRSConceptMapping);
      } while(!mapping.getSource().equals("MODALITY"));

      return mapping;

should have private data member locationName and its getter - setter

   private String locationName;
   public void setLocationName(String locationName) {
      this.locationName = locationName;

   public String getLocationName() {
      return this.locationName;