📣 Ozone 1.0.0-alpha Sprint Update

Looks like the first line of technical hurdles is cleared to get to inventory of all that is needed for an 1.0.0 alpha release of Ozone. A big chunk of the remaining effort is about releasing O3 alpha itself, see:

@achachiez to test two Ozone distro and Docker pending items, and then do PRs for them and we should be good to go :muscle:


RA-1993: @ruhanga raised a PR, @ibacher to review:

@reagan is reviewing a PR for Ozone FOSS’ data extract reports:

Previous updates:

From here on Slack.


A bit of stalling on Ozone distro and Docker related tasks. Even though @achachiez made some progress already until yesterday, he is now stuck on internal projects until tomorrow (Thu).

The objective is to have Ozone Pro as of now up on the dev server by Monday.

@ruhanga to oversee the practical release of Ref App 3.0.0, starting with the backend, through being assigned RA-1994 (Release of Distro Ref App 3.0.0 (alpha)).


Ozone FOSS data extract reports now properly generated, @reagan to test that they can be imported easily into Superset.


These updates are very very helpful Dimitri!! Please keep this up


@achachiez got us Ozone (Pro) on the dev server again :muscle: It’s been a while.

He reported small issues with SSO (so only affecting the Pro version), namely:

  • (Ozone Pro) The post-authentication redirect URLs for Superset and Odoo are not HTTPS, and Keycloak rejects them.
  • (Ozone Pro) Odoo is not loading its OIDC settings correctly, they have to be set manually for the time being.

Emmanuel will keep fixing the above and @mksrom and him will work the way to have this perfectly hooked to all necessary CI/CD processes.

This is a huge step now, it’s back online somewhere (here actually, use jdoe/Admin123) :tada:


  • We are still assessing what’s left behind RA-1994.
  • @enochb will start QA on Ozone FOSS data extract process.
  • @nuhuhmutebi to get involved in manual QA as well, exact scope to be defined on Monday.
  • @ruhanga to start ramping up on automated QA processes with @ibacher.

⇒ QA QA QA, with starting to dive into automated QA :male_detective:


Nice!! Would this be mostly for the non-O3 component products?

FWIW for O3: we have a few things going on re. QA automation for you to be aware of.

  1. Our new Product Quality Engineer @jayasanka starts with the OMRS Global Product Support Team today: Introducing Jayasanka Weerasinghe, new Product Quality Engineering Lead Automated testing is one of the major parts of his portfolio
  2. Thanks to a lot of work by @jnsereko the O3 automation test strategy is moving ahead. He’s currently ~60% done Quality Gates 1 and 3 as described here: O3 Release Process: Diagram for review

Yes, QA is primarily focused on what makes Ozone what it is, therefore all aspects that touch the integration between the components.

But of course this will often spill to validating that the components themselves behave how they should, and that’s mostly O3 (since the other components are very stable).

A good example of this spilling is the following.

While testing Ozone Analytics, we realised that there was no allergies in our flattened datasets, that simply came from the fact that the form to record allergies is broken in O3.

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We have an issue with Debezium that intermittently stops working after a short while, this is what @achachiez is focusing on right now. This is a little nasty as it seems to not happen locally but does happen once deployed on AWS.

Unfortunately this is slowing down most of our QA process, since the whole integration layer can’t be tested, at least online.

(Ozone Pro) Otherwise Emmanuel had fixed all HTTPS-related issues that we had behind the proxy, as well as the issue with Odoo not loading its OIDC settings. All good there now.

Elsewhere (still roughly the same):

  • @mksrom and will work the way to have this perfectly hooked to all necessary CI/CD processes.
  • @ruhanga continuing on the O3 release, see RA-1994.
  • @enochb will start QA on Ozone FOSS data extract process.
  • @enochb and @nuhuhmutebi continuing on overall QA.
  • @ruhanga to start ramping up on automated QA processes with @ibacher.

@ruhanga cleared the last large issue that we had with the EIP layer under SSO here:

:100: kudos for that one :muscle:

The QA process has actively resumed between @enochb and @nuhuhmutebi and we are gathering feedback as it goes. A configuration issue has been identified in regards to the ERP integration, Nuhuh is defining the issue fully before attempting to address it.


  • @mksrom and @achachiez will work the way to have bleeding edge deployments perfectly hooked to all necessary CI/CD processes.
  • @ruhanga is also putting together an Ozone Pro backend config to have a Liquibase configuration that creates a ‘service-account-eip’ user automatically.
  • No progress on RA-1994 today.
  • @enochb will start QA on Ozone FOSS data extract process, @nuhuhmutebi to brief him.
  • We are refining the design thinking on our automated QA process for Ozone to probably be purely REST/web API-based, as suggested by @ibacher; which aligns with the actual mission of Ozone: be an orchestration of integrations.

(Ozone Pro only) We uncovered an issue with the TTL of OAuth tokens, this was temporarily fixed by @achachiez by setting a long TTL in Keycloak, but otherwise this ticket should be used to fix the issue:

  • EIP-120: OAuth token to be renewed at least 10 seconds before expiration
  • PR here - @wyclif it would be great if you could review it.

Otherwise we are still going through the inventory of all that it takes to release Ozone, and there is a bunch of things on top of what is needed to release O3 Ref App, among others:


  • @ruhanga has started work on
    • OA-30: Assign/manage users’ provider association through user info attribute
  • We cleared all PRs on EIP Client ahead of its release.
  • @ruhanga is about to release Iniz 2.4.0.
  • @enochb is in QA for the setup of Ozone FOSS.
  • @enochb is in QA for the whole analytics & reporting process for Ozone FOSS using Common Reports’ data extracts reports.
  • @grace a couple of O3 tickets came out of QA already:
    1. O3-1582: Visit encounters should be displayed in descending order and with dates
    2. O3-1581: Allergy form not submitting (error 400)
    3. O3-1584: ‘undefined’ appended to non numeric lab test results

(Ozone Pro only) Not a blocker for the alpha release (but it is a blocker for the beta) but we see intermittent issues with having two concurrent instances of Debezium consuming OpenMRS’s MySQL bin log. @achachiez is on it with two scenarios at hand:

  1. We are missing a config somewhere to tell both Debezium instances that all is ok and that each one should expect a companion.
  2. We should get rid of one of them - easier said than done. This could take us in ensuring that openmrs-eip can feed from either Debezium or Kafka, there would be work to do there.


The team at Mekom keeps on with QA-ing Ozone. An issue has been found with a misalignment between OCL concepts defining the dispensing and dosing units and Odoo configuration for the UoM, @nuhuhmutebi is looking into it.


A lot was done over the past 10 days in advancing the alpha release process of Ozone. We have released almost all Ozone-specific artefacts (that are not O3 artefacts):

A couple are still pending that will be released in the next couple of days:

:rotating_light: After that the release process of Ozone will only hinge on that of O3, @ibacher @grace @raff:eyes:. Specifically the frontend release of O3 (since the backend release is ready to go). So readers should rather follow:


  • (Ozone Pro) We have cleared a big issue in that was lingering in the setup of multiple Debezium instances with OpenMRS’s MySQL (thanks @achachiez).
  • We have cleared drug orders syncing issues due to Odoo misconfigurations (thanks @nuhuhmutebi).
    • This is still being tested.
  • QA QA QA (@enochb and @nuhuhmutebi) - we are establishing a documented QA process.
  • (Ozone Pro) improvements of OAuth 2 from @ruhanga for OA-30 - users are made providers by default.

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