Overriding the default multipart file size


With the mergepatientdata module, you can export a good number of patient and encounter, I dowloaded over 100 patients with their encounter and these made up a file of around 89mbs, on trying to upload this file file to another server, I hit upon this

 org.springframework.web.multipart.MaxUploadSizeExceededException: Maximum upload size of 75000000 bytes exceeded; nested exception is org.apache.commons.fileupload.FileUploadBase$SizeLimitExceededException

I thought by default the spring multipart system has no limit!

However, I tried to override this by adding this bean in my webModuleApplicationContext.xml

<bean id="multipartResolver" class="org.springframework.web.multipart.commons.CommonsMultipartResolver">
	<property name="maxUploadSize" value="-1"/>

I expect that to set it to an infinite value but actually this doesn’t work :flushed:

Could I be missing something?

cc: @ssmusoke, @dkayiwa

Could you please provide the whole log trace to re-investigate this issue?


Basically the question is, how do I override the ‘maxUploadSize’ property in module development

cc: @ssmusoke, @dkayiwa

cc: @ssmusoke , @dkayiwa

I wanna do something like this but not sure of the file


cc: @ssmusoke

@samuel34 no idea how to resolve this, but can’t you put it as a constraint currently that only files of 75MB are supported?

Cool, gonna create a TODO on that, thanks. Now pending issue is