OpenMRS steup in IntelIj how to add module in Intej

yes. via git i have done in windows 10 after run --> %appdata%–>openMRS–>module ->pasted module leguci module its open

but i want some changing in regisration app module that why I going to IDE because registration patient page ,i want add two field when i modiy in json then after restart tomcat server browser have only Error logs are show .

Are you making changes to adress hierarchy module?

yes , but its giving me Error occured AddressHierarchy starting

i am doing before 2 days but i am succeded please help me how to registration patient address tag state ,district and country have got drop down

The error seems to suggest there is not table in the database. Did you run “mvn clean install” after making changes?

can you run "show tables " at your mysql client and check to see if the table exists?

ok,how to add registration patient page have add two fileds mother’s Name and relatives Name

I want to add two fileds in regisration patient page

Give details ,if possible screen shots.

like that i want to add two filed in registartion patient page

@govindsharma ok now i get a little picture of your problem, Have you correctly followed the procedures here

I am followed that step when I am editing registarationapp.json inside section tag openmrs giving somuch error i have only option here remove registration module and reinstall registartion module

can you give me proper way

step by step how to i do for add fields in regisration Patient page

I am new in openMRS please help me. I am struggling so much but unable to do please give me step by step process for add fileds in regisration patient page

@govindsharma am just doing filtering so we can get things right ,have you also read through this

thanx I am reading this docs,if you finding steps by steps how to add two field in registration patient page . please give me that steps because I am reading 3 time but unable to get properly what is saying after json my openMRS shutdown . please give me proper step how to add field in registartion patient.


can you show your json app here?

Hi, This is My registartionapp.json file ,if i am editing this json file restart server is giving me so much error unable to open any page in browser giving me error

[ { “id”: “registrationapp.basicRegisterPatient”, “instanceOf”: “registrationapp.registerPatient”, “label”: “Register Patient”, “description”: “Create a new Patient Record”, “extensions”: [ { “id”: “registrationapp.basicRegisterPatient.homepageLink”, “extensionPointId”: “org.openmrs.referenceapplication.homepageLink”, “type”: “link”, “label”: “”, “url”: “registrationapp/”, “icon”: “icon-user”, “order”: 1, “requiredPrivilege”: “App: registrationapp.registerPatient” } ] } ]

Did you remove the square brackets while pasting into the Template?

this is my json

When I am disable in regisration
manage App -->disable registartion.basicregistartion

my login page look like show

this is my log → Hastebin: Send and Save Text or Code Snippets for Free | Toptal®

It looks like your app is missing some info. can you try this first and see what happens

ok, i will past that json in registartionapp.json

I am followed that steps .

1.Navigate to System Administration–>Manage Apps

2.Click the square disable button beside “referenceapplication.registrationapp.registerPatient” to disable the integrated Registration App configuration.

3.Add a new App Definition by clicking “Add App Definition”.

4.Give your new App a name, perhaps “referenceapplication.registrationapp.myRegisterPat”.

5.Copy the latest template for the registration App, found here (note that the square brackets before and after should not be used).

6.Paste this into the Definition (required) field. 7.Modify the ID to represent the ID you specified in step 4 above. For example, change “id”: “referenceapplication.registrationapp.registerPatient”, to “id”: “referenceapplication.registrationapp.myRegisterPat”,

8.Modify the URL line to represent the ID you specified in step 4 above. For example, change “url”: “registrationapp/”, to “url”: “registrationapp/”,

9.If you prefer, you can change the “description” and “label” fields to your liking, for example, name them in your language. You can also change the icon and order to your liking.

10.Save the new App configuration.

I am getting Error

This JSON i am pasted insdie [ ] data


@tendomart @darius @dsurrao @dkayiwa

when I am starting server the Error

I am modifying in JSON file after i am getting same registartion patient page

This is my JSON File