OpenMRS showing database connection error

But is this directory available in your Tomcat Folder??

When I don’t place the .war file in my tomcat folder and run tomcat via intellij, the openmrs folder is not generated in my tomcat but the site is opened in the browser to that point where ui modules are required. However, when i get the generated .war file and place it in my tomcat and run tomcat manually through catalina.start, the openMRS folder is generated but then I encounter the following screen when I try to put in http://localhost:8080/openmrs/ in my browser.

Exactly ,this is what i was more intrested in

So the point is to get that generated

@mozzy actually I miss quoted E:\openmrs-core\webapp\target\openmrs\WEB-INF created with the one you refered too in tomcat, I revisited my tomcat and that folder does not exist even when I start tomcat manually. So am wondering how I managed to reach that point without. because still my problem isn’t solved :expressionless:

This is what my log shows on starting tomcat using intellij

ok i have seen this in your logs

Bundled module folder doesn't exist: E:\openmrs-core\webapp\src\main\webapp\WEB-INF\bundledModules

Now create this folder bundledModules manually , under that directory E:\openmrs-core\webapp\src\main\webapp\WEB-INF, and you paste the legacy UI omod file

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But that wouldnt be the best option, When you run the embeded tomact in an IDE , its far much slower

Let me consider re-running the project afresh from scratch while putting into consideration the given suggestions. then from there we shall analyze again in-case any more errors pop up. Am going to revert as soon as possible

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its better , you deploy the built war file manually into tomcat’s webapps folder.

then start tomcat via commandline, not IDE , then deploy Legacy UI into webapps\openmrs\WEB-INF\bundledModules which will be created at runtime

@mozzy on starting tomcat in the command line, the openmrs folder was created in my tomcat/webapps however in the WEB-INF the buddledModules folder wasnt created but placing my legacyui.omod into a manually created buddledModule it shows that Error while trying to start module: legacyui org.openmrs.module.ModuleException: Module requires version matching 2.0.0. maybe for starters please advise on the version i can use and also please look through this probably u may have a better understanding beacause am still getting the page saying ‘’’ |If you are seeing this page, it means that the OpenMRS Platform is running successfully, but no user interface module is installed. Learn about the available User Interface Modules If you are a developer, you can access the REST API. (See REST documentation for clients)|’’

did you make any local change in the openmrs core?

no I didn’t make any… do you suggest I repeat the entire process including deleting the databases?

no dont. By the way ,what is the exact use case for all this ?? what exactly do you want to do??

my idea is to start contributing as a casual developer.

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Thats wonderful @lgilbert.

Now , the easiest way to run an instance of openmrs locally Especialy for the case of a developer, is to just run a a standalone package instead. The standalone comes with a packaged database and a server, youll just simply click and run. it wont require going through all this , otherwise , Running openmrs for Enteprise ,will be longer unnecesarily for your use case.

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can you download and also add the WebRest Module and FHIR module tomake a complete platform??

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okay. am going to try this installation as well

This was so helpful @mozzy, thank you. I was using this:

and could not get the legacy UI to work until I saw your comment. Would I be able to edit the Wiki to include this info?


yes You can , ill take a look at it and confirm its correct. Thanks @hadend