OpenMRS SDK 3.5.0 released !

Hi guys, OpenMRS SDK 3.5.0 has been just released! :champagne::tada:

We’ve added new goal “add-feature” which helps you to add new functionalities to your module. So far there is only option to add OWA app, but be prepare for more :slight_smile:

How to do this? It’s quite simple, just type in the terminal from your project directory

mvn openmrs-sdk:add-feature

and follow the wizard. SDK will add new directory and edit your pom’s to make it all work :slight_smile:

Special thanks to @gutkowski for implementing this feature

As always remember to update SDK to the latest version by typing:

mvn openmrs-sdk:help -U

Enjoy ! :smiley:


Wowww!!! Exciting innovation going on here. Thank you so much @SolDevelo team for this amazing work of making openmrs development get even simpler, and hence save more lives! I just can’t wait for what you have in store, to come! :smile:

I agree! Thanks @SolDevelo and @raff for your leadership and continued work on this tool.

Awesome work @SolDevelo and @raff

One question - how do I setup a server pointing to an existing database with data so that it is not overwritten, as the current setup fails in case the database exists with tables and data.

@ssmusoke take a look at this ticket

@adamg Excellent the feature works, added a comment on the ticket.

thanks @SolDevelo. What a great partnership to change lives.

I know this is more my OCD, is there any way of getting the keys in and sorted in alphabetical order?

I believe there is a way to do this :slight_smile: Maybe create JIRA ticket ? Once approved someone will claim it :slight_smile:

Ticket opened

@adamg @raff a couple of more feature requests:

  1. Is it possible to define a distro version with LATEST to pull the latest version of the distro

  2. How do I setup a server with an override file that contains new modules, on top of an existing distro? Say I want to specify a new module to add to a distro. Hopefully I can override some modules too as that would allow building on top of other distros

  1. You mean latest released version? It’s not possible at the moment, but we could support that.

  2. I’d like to add that feature… I’d envision letting you specify distro.referenceapplication=2.5 in the distro properties and have SDK fetch all modules declared in that distro and any other modules you specified in the distro file (possibly overwriting versions from the distro).

Please create issues in SDK and I’ll add details on them.

@raff and

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