OpenMRS Reference Application 2.11.0 released

@sharif i still see them as child pages of the release notes page. Take a look at the tree view on the left hand side.

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Have updated it here

congs @sharif and team for the great work done

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@sharif they are still there and show up when you expand Release Notes 2.11.0 on the left hand side panel.

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Finished thanks you

@sharif did you also release the version in JIRA?

I have also deleted the duplicate release notes page that you had created. Can you edit your original post to link to the correct release notes page?

Thought i had released before thanks for reminder, i have sent a help desk for this

ok thanks let me checkout

Finished that you can confirm

You have not yet edited your original post on this thread.

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Finished thanks

Good information thanks for sharing vmware

@sharif Thank you, Great work! keep it up.

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