OpenMRS ID v2.1 Platform Improvements

Unless we’re using something from 0.10.x – Why switch if it’s going to cause us a headache.

@plypy, @dmytro_trifonov: How are the proposals coming? I am more than happy to look at drafts (even if it’s not for this project)

@approce, are you applying for this?

Yeap, I am interesting in this objectives:

  • Support two-factor authentication for OAuth-based sign ins
  • Build a REST API for working with user profile data
  • Implement 3rd-party sign in and profile creation from Google, Facebook, GitHub, etc.

Will contact you tomorrow to discuss my ideas ) Also, Robby, what do you think about my proposal about “Operation theater enhancements” ? Do you have any advices what can I improve? Thanks, Roman Zaiats.

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I think it is a REALLY solid proposal. Great job!

Sorry, had a few busy days :tired_face: I’m still working on the details part, hopefully, you’ll receive my proposal tomorrow


:+1: I can’t wait!

I am still working on my proposal, learning some technologies for realization. I will finish it this weekend, and publish.

Some words about upgrading to Express 4.x. I think, this is important task, because using Express 3.x may cause problems during implementing new features, and later it will be much harder to make such upgrade. If it will be required, i will work on this task during ‘Interim’ period. (I have such experience on my previous projects)

Delivered, please have a look.

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Looks solid :slight_smile:

I am just submitted my proposal, this is NOT FINAL version, i will make some improvements later. Will wait your feedback, thanks)

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Address @michael’s comment on your proposal. Additionally, I see zero mention of Jira tickets, this is a strict requirement and immediately disqualifies your proposal from consideration. I will give more feedback on your proposal as a comment but wanted to ping you yo pay close attention to melange emails from this point forward :wink:

I must make contribution for OpenMRS ID project, or for main OpenMRS project? I don’t see any issues here:

Any OpenMRS code repository is OK. It doesn’t have to be OpenMRS ID dashboard (although that might be helpful). You can find a list of introductory issues at:

To add to what @michael said: here is the link to OpenMRS ID issues. Some of the UI improvement tasks have work done by Google Code-In students, so steer clear of those (for now). I’m just now getting back to work on cataloging them.


Thanks for your answer! May i create my own issue, which is associated with one of my ideas, listed in my proposal? Or I must fix only previously posted issues? Thanks.

It’s much better to just grab one of the (easier!) issues already vetted and ready for work. Creating a new JIRA issue starts a workflow of review & approval, and there’s not much time. :slight_smile:

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I see that lot of issues have ‘unresolved’ status, but have been already fixed in repository. How can i get really ‘unresolved’ issue?

If ID-82 is still open, I will done this.


Go ahead, I do have a way we can do this…we can check the environment we are in…sayy if i’m in production then LDAP isn’t absolutely required…if I am not in production, then it is not needed and simply just not require it. If such a facility does not exist yet, create it and document it. Sound good as far as an @elliott, you have any thoughts on this? @plypy, @michael? @michael could you move this under a new topic under the ID Dashboard category?

Good luck

I thought to add param ldap.enabled to conf.js file, and then check this param. You think, that checking environment would be better? If you think so, I can implement such checking.