OpenMRS Developers, what topics matter to you?

Each Thursday, the OpenMRS Developer Community has a Developers Forum, where anyone interested in OpenMRS development can join to discuss and share ideas. The topics discussed are driven by the participants of the forum. Several times a year, we will have a “Topic Fest” within the forum to decide on candidate topics to discuss over the next few months. While the ideas in the Topic Fest help create a straw man1 agenda for the weekly forums, we are always open to adjusting the topics to meet community needs.

Anyone involved in OpenMRS development, this is your forum. You get to drive the agenda. If you have suggestions for agenda topics for the Developers Forum, join the forum and make your suggestion, or describe your suggested topic here and we’ll work to get in on the schedule.

What would you like to talk about, hear more about, or discuss with others involved in OpenMRS Development? Topics can run anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes, depending on the need.

  • Do you have a cool development OpenMRS development project you’d like to share?
  • Want to discuss developer goals for OMRS16 in Uganda?
  • Would you like to get an update on the work of Partners In Health, ThoughtWork, eSaude, AMPATH, the Uganda EMR team, Regenstrief, or some other organization doing OpenMRS development?
  • Are there other topics you’d like to discuss?

If you have a topic and would like to discuss it on a specific date, feel free to edit this post (using the “pencil & paper” icon at the top right) and add your topic to that date; otherwise, reply to this topic and let us know what OpenMRS development topics most interest you.


-Burke :burke:

Proposed topics:

3-Nov Infra update
10-Nov SDK update
17-Nov CANCELLED (Post-AMIA meetup)
24-Nov CANCELLED (OpenMRS Holiday)
1-Dec OpenHMIS Banda udpate (@ibewes)

@dkayiwa, @wyclif, and @willa joined today’s developer forum. We made a plan to unblock the RefApp 2.5 release and they had several suggestions for Developer Forum topics:

(moved list of suggestions up to main post)

If you are listed above with a topic and could join one of our upcoming dev forums (Thursday @ 10-11am US/Eastern = 2pm UTC on 3-Nov, then 3pm UTC), please let us know here or expect @jthomas to be contacting you. :smiley:

Do you have better suggestions for topics? Let us know!

Unfortunately I teach at 10-11am on Thursdays. I might (maybe) be available on 11/17 at that time, because I’ll actually be visiting RedHat in Raleigh … I’m likely to be in a working session at that time, but they might allow me to skip for this.

Thanks @drbobrinkman. Unfortunately, we won’t be having the call on 17-Nov because of a competing meeting. Any chance your 10-11am Thursday class is the same class you’d be getting involved in OpenMRS? :wink:

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Can you add @shekhar for an update on the Atlas Module and what needs to happen with that? (Hope that’s ok @shekhar!)

I can try to join on the 3rd to talk about infra. I just need like a lot of reminders lol

Community Vs EMRS 16 in Uganda (@nsangiefrance)

Hello, can i be allowed to join and discuss on Patient Matching Strategies (@nsangiefrance)

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I would be more than happy to give an overview of the current and upcoming work going on with OpenHMIS (now called Banda Health). Most of December won’t work for me but December 1st is open for me.


@pascal, would you be able to join the dev forum next week (3-Nov) with @chagara to discuss infrastructure?

@nsangiefrance, could expand on this. It’s not clear to me what you mean

The weekly OpenMRS forums are public forums, so everyone is welcome to join. Information about joining is available at

Thanks @ibewes. I’ll pencil you in for 1-Dec.

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reached out to @pascal and he is good for next Thursday, November 10.

@willa could I get you on the schedule for 11/10?

That is not a good time for me. Can we try 2 weeks later please (11/24)? Thanks.

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@willa there is actually no call on 11/24 due to the US Thanksgiving holiday. What about December 8th?

JT, in that case the rest of the year is bad for me. I will have to do it sometime next year.

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@shekhar would you be willing and available to give an update on Atlas 3.0 and discuss what the next steps are on our December 15th dev call?

@jthomas, so we’ll talk about infra next week (10-Nov) and don’t have a topic for tomorrow (3-Nov)? Is @chagara able to join on 10-Nov as well?

@burke apologies I got my dates wrong. @pascal agreed to join for the Nov 3rd call. @chagara does nov 3rd still work for you?

SDK update with @raff will be on Nov 10th.

tomorrow works for for me.

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@ssmusoke do you need any developer forum time prior to OMRS16?