OpenMRS and Wordpress

Good day all, I am new to OpenMRS. A client of mines has asked me to setup and integrate OpenMRS with their wordpress website(work in progress), where patients can register and book appointments via the website or mobile app.

I got a few questions: 1)When will version 3 of openMRS be available for public download and usage? 2)Is it possible to do the integration with wordpress ?If so has anyone done that before ? 3)Is there a paid support option for OpenMRS?

I would appreciate any feedback. thanks in advance?

Welcome here @trinicloud :wave:

There’s regular beta releases of O3, the best that can be done at this point is to rely on the latest beta at a given time. At the time of this writing that’s 3.0.0-beta.13.

You’re saying that a third party system will register patients and books appointments. That’s a pretty standard thing to do with an EMR. It’s been done in various ways with OpenMRS by various groups to address various use cases :slight_smile: It is a lot more of a WordPress question than an OpenMRS question tbh.

Perhaps see this thread → List of certified implementers ?


thanks for the reply. Once it allows a simple data transfer between itself and wordpress i can get this to… now i just need to know what patient data they want to let the patients see besides appointments.

You might be interested in this: OpenMRS SMS module, documentation here. Connects OpenMRS with SMS service providers, and provides a convenient layer to send SMS/WhatsApp from the OpenMRS. Configuration examples here.

Thanks for the reply grace… will also look at that option as well. got alot of reading and research still to do.