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Thank you @dkayiwa!!

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OpenMRS 3 - Benefits of modularity in an open-source Electronic Health Record

Hi - this (long) presentation discusses how increased modularity may help promote collaboration within an open-source electronic health record. It touches on a bit on everything - modularity first principles, user interface components, system architecture, distributed organizational governance.

The presentation is available on YouTube or via text.

Today’s design call covered a few parts from this presentation, but this post contains more background & detail. A separate (much shorter) post will summarize today’s design call.

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Lessons from 6 software rewrite stories

An amazing future for OpenMRS
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@gschmidt May i know when this call is happening. I would like to participate on this.

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Thansk @dkayiwa great lesson picked here.I have actually learned more from this thread , and i can never risk refactoring a nice old working tecknology , because of the great cost invloved.

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If I remember correctly the article describes some successful rewrite projects. Here are some arguments against such an endeveour which I collected to be better prepared, the next time I get involved into a big rewrite project:

The Big Rewrite Warnings:

Maybe it’s helpful to consider this.