OpenMRS 2.3 user acceptance testing: We need your help!

Continuing the discussion from OpenMRS 2.3 Release - milestones:smile:

Hey Dev’s,

Just to let you OpenMRS Release 2.3 is in its final stages and would be released sometime soon.

@dkayiwa has been the Release Manager of 1.11.4. As per the discussions, we look forward to the progress on this ticket as it is a blocker.

Its always good to test before the final stage, and so before we actually release, we would like to give users a look and feel of OpenMRS 2.3. We have set up a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Server - ( ) for the respective purpose. Ideally, we are looking for maximum feedback.

The main admin-username/password are admin/Admin123, but feel free to go through the documentation and try to log in using various other users as it allows a user based home page based on their daily functions.

Why test on UAT? You would help us improve on the release which would be greatly considered.

To help us improve on the release you could:

  1. Report any issues or bugs.
  2. Improve the Documentation - - This documentation has been created by duplicating the earlier documentation (i.e. OpenMRS 2.2). If while testing out the server, you can update the snapshots / include some more to make the documentation more detailed.

Any help would be highly appreciated :smile: Feel free to let us know if you face any problem in accessing UAT or find a bug fix in OpenMRS 2.3.


I’d like to highlight this thread that @arbaughj created (over the weekend I think) based on this testing:

Based on discussing that thread on talk we should quickly decide between:

  • Release “now” anyway, and fix this in a followup module release
  • (Burke and Wyclif lean this way since there’s the workaround of using the legacy UI)
  • Block the release until we decide how to address this
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I would vote for this, as the release has been put to later since some time now. According to the discussions, we can go ahead with the release and then fix things sometime later.