Oncology Work Group/Community

Hello everyone! There’s been a lot of chatter around developing OpenMRS modules for use in Oncology. There have been various discussions on Talk where people expressed interest and or progress on this type of project from people such as @ball, @onkologjia, @seanlegler, @jteich, @mseaton, @rubailly, @johnblack, @terry, and @jdick. I wanted to compile most of what I found into one thread with the intention of connecting all these people together and bringing the discussion back into a spotlight.

Here’s what I’ve found…

What’s been done so far

PIH seems to be leading the charge as @ball posted this talk post below…

The patient intake sheet PIH developed is HUM_Oncology_Consult_2015.docx (20.4 KB)

Yusef Mulumba, a BioStat at Uganda Cancer Institute came up with this document, where Dr. @johnblack commented his thoughts.

Who’s Expressed Interest?

@seanlegler (Harvard Medical Student) posted way back in 2014

@onkologjia has a group of students working in Kosovo trying o implement OpenMRS in a local clinic. His post is below…

@johnblack (an Oncologist in Kampala, Uganda) posted this topic expressing the need for an oncology module in Uganda below…

How to Move Forward

@johnblack and I met in Kampala (over pork—be a jealous!) to discuss the requirements specific to Uganda which we’ve outlined on a Google Doc which certainly isn’t the best place, but it’s a start.

If a working group hasn’t been created already, maybe we can do that? What about a Talk Community Group titled ‘Oncology’?

Are there any Project Managers interested in taking the lead on this? What about our other Community Leaders? How do we move this project along to make it into a reality?

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Thanks @jeffneiman for the initial research! I would be interested in leading dev efforts. It’s a project, which may spark interest in @SolDevelo and get us a team of devs to work on it.

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Yes, I think it’s something SolDevelo could be really interested in! We need to gather all technical requirements for this project so we can make proper estimates and assign dev team.

that is a great idea. I know that @johnblack has developed multiple requirements in the past. This project will require ongoing clinical as well as technical input ( truly agile) during the development process to be successful–and it would be great of @SolDevelo was interested in that role.


LMK if you want to use this project as a model for documenting PM process. Seems to be a good opportunity to do so.

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Hi everyone! Sorry I have not been responding to this thread but I have been following it and I have had a couple of discussions with @jeffneiman @terry @burke as well as people at @ugandaemr on the subject of oncology functionality in the OpenMRS ecosystem. It is great to see that there are many people interested in this, and that some work is already being done.

@mseaton recently asked if there is any experience interfacing the cancer registration software CanReg with OpenMRS and an unconference session has been proposed to discuss this and other cancer related issues during the OMRS17 in Malawi. For instance, at the recent AORTIC conference in Rwanda, a set of cancer care guidelines were launched after a lot of work by IBM, American Cancer Society (ACS) and Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) consulting with several oncologists in sub-Saharan Africa. These guidelines are a harmonization of the NCCN guidelines met to take into account the low resource situation in Africa. These NCCN Harmonized guidelines for Sub-Saharan Africa can be accessed freely (after signing up) from the NCCN website. Currently IBM wants to make these computer interpretable. Wouldn’t it be nice to work with them to incorporate them into OpenMRS? Looking forward. //Johnblack

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Great idea, @johnblack. I look forward to the session at OMRS17.


this work has restarted. please see the above thread for details about the current process…

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