On the loss of our esteemed community member, mentor, and good friend, Joseph Kaweesi

Having met him in 2012, I knew @k.joseph on a personal level, very supportive in all aspects of life. I respect his contributions to the community and as one of the people whose lives he impacted, I will forever remain grateful.


Joseph has been a very special young man. Only God knows why we have lost him this soon. Such a hardworking young man. His mouth was full of wisdom. I am short of words.


Very heartbreaking news.


It’s a pity. @k.joseph has left a great gap not only to the community, but also to many of us individually. We indeed had an immeasurable hope of learning a lot from him as many folks have testified. He has been both faithful not only to the community , but also to His God. We therefore believe he has rested in Christ. And we as believers, we hope to see him on the resurrection day. May the almighty God give divine comfort to his family and the community at large.


Its a great loss for us at Bugema University especially the School of Computing & Informatics from where he graduated 2015. I personally remember the time when he started the journey of being in this community. Under my Supervision his HoD, He worked on a project titled “EVOLVING CHART SEARCH MODULE FOR THE OPENMRS REFERENCE APPLICATION” . Paul, Darius and Burke, where the first people to comment and encourage him to go on with the great works!! I have been encouraging our software engineers to work on projects on OpenMRS under GoSC with @k.joseph as their immediate consultant. Its a greet loss Indeed. Paul, Darius and Burke thank you for the support you have given @k.joseph since 2014! I will also thank thoughtworks for the same!!


It is so heart breaking, sometimes I imagine it is a dream that will change when I wake up! @k.joseph has left a big dent in our lives. He’s been a mentor, friend and brother. May God comfort all of us and the family. We have this unfailing hope that we shall see Jose on that resurrection morning when Christ shall return to take us home.


For For those who have sometime to join

The proceedings at the burial of Mr Joseph kaweesi


So sorry for this loss. may God comfort everyone close, the family, wife and children. One survives COVID-19 and dies of accident. So bad and unbelievable. God knows why it happened at such a time like this. The resurrection day why bring our loved ones to us again. Be comforted all friends and communities affected.


@k.joseph has been a great inspiration to most of us(Kampala boys). We can’t complain too much… God has his reasons as to why…

Rest easy Soldier!..


I acquired knowledge that one could get in like 3 committed months, in 1 and a half hours with @k.joseph , he tooked his time to get me started with automated tests with cypress and cucumber the whole BDD testing, I will forever be grateful for that :pray:. I still had a lot to learn from you and your wise thoughts but God has decided to take you away :sob:, I pray that He strengthens all of us and grants you a peaceful rest :pray: .


Tragic! I’m at a loss for words. May his soul rest in eternal peace.


Lost for words - may his soul RIP and we find solace remembering him, his life and work.


@k.joseph If I had not seen your body I would not have accepted you are no more. We stood at the hospital entrance with hope that you are just in a coma. We camped at the morgue with hope that you are going to wake-up from that deep sleep only to be given a casket. In your last days you and @ibacher laboured so much to ensure I understand automated testing with cypress -cucumber of which am grateful you saw my presentation before you died. You send me other resources little did I know it was you last moment in the community. You never wanted me to call you mentor but jose because you wanted to remain a friend to death. Its painful you have parted from us at a tender age and the time we needed you most but all in all we thank God for the time He allowed you to be with us and we cling on that blessed hope of seeing you on the resurrection morning. For weeping endures for the night but joy comes in the morning! Fare thee well!


Its painful most times especially if you are to talk about a man who motivated you and almost taught you everything that you know in a community (openmrs) you feel proud of, where you got most friends, which is like your other family and most importantly a community that never leaves your CV. When i first joined openmrs Joseph gave me a folder full of java books… i went to see him at the university , we ate some jack fruit and he escorted me to the roadside to wait for the next taxi while riding a bicycle. i have always been proud of him and all the time i would refer guys to him, he would help them with no hesitation. So painful he has left before i have even paid him back for all the experiences we went through. MAY THE ALMIGHTY GOD REST HIS SOUL IN PEACE :sob: :sob:. Till we meet again


I have LOST a friend, I got an opportunity to work with him while at Jembi and interacted much frequently in the community. RIP BRO, it is SAD, I will miss you


Such a painful loss. Had an opportunity to work with Kaweesi and he was such an amazing colleague. Gone but never forgotten. Rest In Peace sir.


I am at loss of words. Indeed very sad news. Kaweesi was an embodiment of love, always smiling and peaceful. Very painful indeed. We build together, we grieve together. My heartfelt condolences to his family and OpenMRS community at large.


Very well said, @willa.

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I have been struggling to find the words to remember Kaweesi adequately. Here are just some of the things I wish I could say to him.

Dear Joseph,

I miss you. We are heartbroken together over losing you. I wish you could see how many people are caring for your family right now. I wish you could read all the messages and mourning and memories being shared all over the world in your honor. Your colleagues around the planet deeply cared about you. I wish you could see how those you were teaching are mourning your loss - and there are a lot of us.

You were full of so many good qualities - fruits of the spirit. Patience. Kindness. Generosity. Humility. And especially, joy.

Working with you was fun - you had a way of finding humor in most situations. The last time we spoke, just a few days ago, we turned our video on to wave hello to each other. Your famous smile lit up the screen. We talked about all the things on your plate and, as always, you found opportunities to laugh and still come up with thoughtful ideas. I always enjoyed sharing a laugh with you as we brainstormed nerdy topics. Even now I keep thinking of ideas I would like your opinion on.

You really cared about people, and helping them move forward. When we last talked, your voice was full of humble pride for the people you were training and mentoring, and all the growth and progress they are making. You were in a hurry to switch to more calls with your mentees to support them further. Every time we had a check-in together, I always learned about some other thing you were overseeing or working on, which almost always involved training or coaching another person. You stepped in to several other projects where you had the knowledge to help others and to help make the product better, even when you could have said it wasn’t really your responsibility. You were so selfless like this, always keen to support your peers and move our mission forwards even when it meant going the extra mile. Just last week you were keen to take an inconvenient call late on an afternoon to brainstorm how we could improve our security and test automation. You were quietly managing many additional technical tasks in the background to keep everyone moving forward smoothly.

I learned a lot from you. You welcomed being pushed and challenged; you were always open to hearing new ideas. You were quick to forgive me and teach me as I slowly came to understand the technical elegance of your vision for OpenMRS QA. Recently you seemed to grow in your confidence as a mentor. You would sometimes talk through how best to support different people - you didn’t know it, but you were training me too as you did this. Working with you and even supervising you has been one of the greatest honors of my life.

I wish I could go back to these moments working with you, learning from you.

Your vision and your work will carry us forward to help more people. Right now my heart is broken even thinking about continuing our QA work - but somehow we will carry on the work you started. You were so intentional about how you approached coaching and training materials. Many times over the last few weeks I have shown the work and technical strategy you were leading to my friends and family working in tech, shown them the QA dashboard and explained that this extremely useful vision came from our QA Engineering Lead Joseph Kaweesi. I told them about what a thoughtful person you are and how long you’ve spent working on building up this technical approach and our QA technical team, and how much momentum you’ve created. These people all work in very technical fields and everyone was impressed - some even took notes.

So you continue to make your vision possible; even while you are gone you will still be moving us forward so we can build up more people and help more patients, as you envisioned.

Thank you, colleague, teacher, and friend.


@k.joseph was evidently a gem! Stunned by this huge loss, RIP :pray:!