On the loss of our esteemed community member, mentor, and good friend, Joseph Kaweesi

:scream: :scream: I can’t believe this :sob:. May all the gods be with you @k.joseph. It’s very sad news in the early morning


Thank you very much @k.joseph for your contributions and guidance. Whole openmrs will grieve because of your departure. May your soul be rest in peace! :pray:


My words failed me when i heard the news, it still can’t get used to the fact that he is gone. He has been a big inspiration to me, of the time i’ve known him, he has been a selfless human being willing to help out and contribute to the greater good. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and may God comfort them in this trying time


*You so happily and selflessly wrote code to save lives, * Your infectious smile, big heart, and always positive spirit, *Will forever live with us in the Community, * And in the code you wrote, That saved and will continue to save so many more lives:pray:t5:


OMG. I can’t believe this news. He is a wonderful person, a good friend and a role model for many students.

May your soul be rest in peace my friend @k.joseph!


This is a great loss that no words can describe. My thoughts and prayers goes out to his family and the community.


I didn’t get to hear this news until 5 days later. What a big loss losing Joseph at a tender age! I admired and benefitted a lot from your work. We’ll miss you dearly our brother and may you continue resting in eternal peace!


Thank you, Kaweesi, for the gifts you gave and the friends you made over the years. May your kindness ever be a reminder to all of us in how to truly be a “contributor” in our own lives.


Thanks, Joseph, for your effort that made me all at the top…


This is a beautiful photo @ball


I returned from vacation this week to hear this terrible news. Although I didn’t work as closely with Joseph as many others on here, I will always remember his amazingly positive attitude, generous spirit and of course, his infectious smile. My heart goes out to all his friends and family in Uganda and in the entire community.


For everyone posting here and reading this thread - please note that we will be having a community gathering on Tuesday next week to get together and remember Joseph Kaweesi.

All are welcome. Please share the invite and information with anyone who you think would like to join in sharing stories, hearing memories, and reflecting on how we can honor his memory together.


Hello to all his friends, team leaders, Mentors, and Mentees;

As his elder brother, we’ve lost a very passionate, highly committed, and dynamic brother of ours. We can’t fully comprehend how to overcome this shocking and terrible news but we are certain that he lived a life worth celebrating and he had placed his faith in Christ. Hopefully, we will see him someday.

From the entire biological family of Jose, we would like to extend our dear thanks for all the comfort and support rendered to us during these trying times. Time will take its course for the healing process to happen but based on the best moments of life we had with him, we will surely find the new shape of the future. May God bless you all.

From Geofrey Ssenyondo On Behalf; Joseph Kaweesi’s Entire Biological family


This is a terrible news and a great loss to the community. Kaweesi was very helpful and always available to provide support when it matters most. May his soul rest in Peace!


May the earth rest lightly on you Joseph.


Pretty sad to learn of his passing. I will remember him as a laid back and intelligent guy. My prayers and thoughts go to his family.


So sad :cry::cry::cry: May my condolences bring you comfort and may my prayers ease the pain of this loss🙏 Thanks ever so much for your tremendous contributions and supports @k.joseph RIP​:pray::pray:

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I can’t believe it’s already been 2 months since we lost Joseph.

Every day or two I still catch myself thinking “Ah! The perfect person to ask this or that question is Kaweesi - he will have ideas on how to proceed.”

And then I remember.

And I miss him.

I hope others know that they are not alone in continuing to miss and to mourn our colleague and friend.


Well said @grace. I also find myself often thinking, oh I’ll just ask Kaweesi… and then the pain hits my heart all over again. I miss him too.