Odoo service not starting after installing Bahmni 0.92

Hi everyone.

The installation of bahmni 0.92 is failing to start the odoo service, returning the error below. We have tried the solution suggested on this post (i.e. re-install the pip module beautifulsoup4) but without success. Does anymore know how to address this issue, or point us to the right direction?


Please do not use “service” command anymore. This might have messed with your file system permissions.

Can you try using

systemctl start odoo

Thanks for the feedback @angshuonline . I had the output below with systemctl start odoo

[vagrant@centos7 ~]$ sudo systemctl start odoo
Job for odoo.service failed. See "systemctl status odoo.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.

And when running “journalctl -xe” for more details, I have the error in the original post, i.e.:

Jun 25 09:13:23 centos7 odoo[6924]: mkdir: cannot create directory <E2><80><98>odoo<E2><80><99>: File exists

@buvaneswariarun I remember we encountering this issue. Was it resolved with BeautifulSoup4? @sushantpatil1214 any clue?

Thanks @angshuonline , we have eventually succeeded with bahmni installation. The approach used to resolve the issue has been posted here: Installing Bahmni 0.92 Failed on postgres installation - #18 by rubailly

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