O3: M1 machine support


FYI @raff & @dkigen: Today with @ibacher we spent 1.5hrs trying to unblock some issues @michaelbontyes had run into with setting up O3.

Michael followed our om.rs/o3deploy docs and used the latest .yml file you just shared this week Raf.

It seems like our O3 images won’t start on M1 at all - not just the core, the refapp version.

Obviously very few field implementations will use an M1! However a growing body of devs will be using this machine. Any thoughts?

Hey @grace, I’m on M1 and running all core, refapp and o3 without any issues. It’s why we started publishing arm64 builds on Dockerhub. What are specific issues that you run into?

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Oh that’s great to hear Raff! Sorry @ibacher & @michaelbontyes can you answer Raff here?

@raff, it is now running well locally on M1 but I had to increase the Docker engine resources up to 8 CPUs, 16 GB of memory, and 4 GB of swap (4x more than the Azure setup that I tried). Before that, the backend wasn’t loading at all, and ended up with 504 responses (gateway time-out).

Also, it took about 15 minutes for the initial setup on both the local M1 and the cloud VPS.

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@raff, just to report that I am facing again 504 - Time out error with the backend on my local M1 (using the latest Docker images). The initial setup apparently went well though. Any thoughts? Thanks!

@michaelbontyes could it be related to this? Unblock O3 local deployment via docker-compose.yml? - #5 by dkayiwa

@dkayiwa, yes it seems to be the same issue.

In that case, just wait for the backend to properly start, before you try to access the frontend. Or just stop and run again.