No mapping for GET request after adding the Drawing module

@thembo42 this is so exciting; sorry I haven’t gotten back to you yet. Will review in detail later today. Thank you so much for all this.

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We’re definitely interested in the drawing module @thembo42 . We have developed something similar for OpenMRS 2 and would like to have the same functionality in O3: (You can enter values in the rectangle and circle fields)

another form using the current drawing module:

What’s your timeline for developing these features? cc: @grace

sure… @jesplana thanks for pointing out those additional features. I can start with an mvp as soon as the community makes reviews of some UIs. Am working on more UIs to give us a look and feel as wait for @grace and other community members to chip in their suggestions.

Thanks @thembo42 , Ideally, it would be great to select and load and image template and draw (if we’re using the drawing module).

However, it would also be good to label the attachment and have multiple attachments. This is what we have in O2:

The idea is to select the label, then attach the picture associated to the label.

Additionally, the attachments coming from this particular encounter is limited to the users with a specific role/privileges. For highly sensitive pictures, only specific users can Everything attached here is also shown in the attachment widget.

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As I complete the UIs and the the requirements by the community, have created an Epic epic-issue to start the work. And i will be glad to get the support from the community(organisational process). @grace