Need to release maintenance versions of coreapps, EMRAPI, formentryapp, registrationapp

I would like to find out if there are any objections to releasing maintenance versions of the following:

  1. coreapps 1.11.2

  2. emrapi 1.21

  3. formentryapp 1.4

  4. registrationapp 1.7

There a number of fixes across the modules that would be beneficial for us to use without having to maintain snapshot versions

What do you mean by maintenance versions?

I am just using the language of semantic versioning

We’re committing to the coreapps master branch during the Patient Summary Widgets sprint. It has some work in progress widgets, which we need to disable before you release. Let us know when you want to do that.

Fine with me!

Take care, Mark

We need to use semantic versioning correctly. :slight_smile: It’s a maintenance version if it only includes bugfixes; if it includes new features, it’s a new minor version.

coreapps definitely has new features, so when we do release it it needs to be 1.12.0 (not 1.11.2).

The other three should move to semantic versioning numbers on this next release:

  • emrapi 1.20.1 (I think these are only bugfixes)
  • formentryapp 1.4.0
  • registrationapp 1.7.0

Actually, fyi I just upgraded to 1.7-SNAPSHOT of registrationapp at some of our smoke tests are failing–I’m looking into it now.

@ssmusoke, reigstrationapp is looking good now… there were three problems I ran into. One was something I had to fix in our own configuration code, another was a bug I fixed here:

… and the other was a change that introduced a bug that I just reverted for now, referenced here:

I have been able to release:

  1. Form Entry App - 1.4.0

  2. Registration App - 1.7.0

I am still having trouble releasing EMRAPI 1.21.0, @darius bumped up the minor version due to new features - metadata mapping, and the adding encounters without visit

@raff I will hold off coreapps until the sprint is done - I think its better that way

@ssmusoke for emrapi, whenever you were releasing, the DateMapperTest test was failing. I suspect the release scripts are using openjdk 7 on which that test is known to fail. I tried to switch to it to confirm, but the build just froze. :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa so looks like I will have to go the old fashioned manual process via the mvn release plugin

That is exactly what i do when the automated process fails in ways that i do not know how to fix. :smile:

@dkayiwa okay will do

Update: emrapi 1.21.0 also released successfully

@ssmusoke that is the beauty of knowing how to do things manually. :smile:

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@ssmusoke, the work on widgets is done and coreapps is ready for a minor release.

We’ll need to release and data integrity module for the new widgets to work properly. Would you have time to do that as well or you need help?

@raff Just double checking the releases would be:

  1. Data Integrity 4.2.4

  2. Coreapps 1.12.0 (due to the new features)

  3. Web Services Rest 2.18.0

  4. App Framework 2.10.0

  5. UI Framework 3.10.0

Data Integrity comes with a new feature (rest endpoint) thus it needs to be 4.3.0.

The rest is correct.

@raff All releases done except web services which requires some gymnastics disabling support for OpenMRS 2.1, releasing, then re-enabling it. Please help with that one

Also note that I had to release uicommons 2.2.0 in order to be able to release coreapps, fortunately Bamboo does not allow snapshot versions as I had not seen this dependency.

openmrs-api 2.1.0-alpha is released now so we can switch to using that one instead of SNAPSHOT for (I’ll release it today).