My fellowship Journey: Hadijah Kyampeire

Congratulations for this milestone! 2023, Shoot for the moon even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

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Thanks @jwnasambu

Hello friends and OpenMRs family;

Excited to announce the start of my new fellowship journey as a Frontend fellow developer on the 3.x 2023 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I would like to announce with much joy that I was given another opportunity to be a Frontend fellow on the 3.x for this year 2023 under the mentorship of @dkigen .

I would like to thank everyone around the community for the support and mentorship you offer in one way or another to always bring out the best version of me. On a special note, I would like to thank the team which was actively involved in the fellowship selection for offering me another opportunity to learn, improve and contribute to the OpenMRS 3.x. @jennifer @dkigen @dkayiwa @erica @jayasanka and others thank you very much :palms_up_together:.

I am officially announcing the start of my fellowship and here are some of the activities I have planned ahead.

  • Kickoff call with my mentor and other stakeholders
  • Scheduling weekly meetings with my mentor.
  • Continuously updating my fellowship plan.
  • Continuously attending the team coffee breaks.
  • Preparing for the GSoC program by taking time to understand the projects I will be overseeing.

Otherwise, I am so excited for this new journey and happy to work alongside the amazing @dkigen as my mentor and all the awesome devs around the community :slightly_smiling_face:

More updates to come:


Congratulations on your fellowship! That’s great news and I’m sure you will make the most of this opportunity. I’m sure you will do a great job with your mentor and the rest of the team. Good luck with your journey and I look forward to hearing more updates from you in the future.

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Thank you so much @parthis .

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Hello everyone, hope you are all well. It has been a couple of weeks into the fellowship and so far so good :slightly_smiling_face:, it is already an amazing journey.

What I have so far Accomplished

  • I had a kickoff call with my mentor @dkigen and manager @mksrom . It went well, and they shared great ideas and improvements that I could add to my fellowship plan to make it better and more focused. Thanks to both of you.
  • I have made some improvements to my fellowship plan to have more specific goals that can guide me to success.
  • I have scheduled convenient weekly meetings with my mentor where we shall be talking about my progress and any challenges that might come along.
  • I have continued to work with the Frontend Squad team in syncs, reviews, and pairing sessions where we brainstorm about team priorities and unblock each other.
  • As a way to prepare for GSoC, I have had some syncs and conversations with interested GSoC students concerning some projects.
  • I have completed the monthly fellowship survey.

Otherwise, the journey is so far so good and I am excited to continue moving forward with my set goals.

Look out for more in my next blog, thanks everyone for making this journey great, and thanks @erica for the great work and support you are providing :pray:.


Hello everyone, it is mid-March, it’s been over a month since I started my 2023 fellow and so far so good. I have continued to work with the Frontend Team to make OpenMRS 3.x better and prepare for the faimer project. Below are some of the outstanding improvements that I have worked on.

Besides these, I have continued to work closely with my mentor @dkigen , @vasharma05 , the Mekom team, and the entire Frontend squad to make OpenMRS better.

I attended the OpenMRS virtual mini-conference this week and it was a great conference with amazing presentations.

We still have a lot lined up to make OpenMRS 3.x better and more efficient, so the journey continues to be exciting.

We also have GSoC coming up and I am excited to be a mentor for the Printing Feature project, looking forward to that as well.

Cheers, keep viewing!


Two months down the road

Hello everyone, hope you are all holding up well, it has been two months now since I started the 2023 fellowship and it has been such an amazing journey so far.

Just to add to the previous areas of focus I mentioned in my previous post, I have been actively involved in working on tickets to get the Faimer project all set up. Last week we had some feedback points from Faimer which I actively took part in and were delivered in real-time.

Link to the Faimer specific improvements.

Other than Faimer specific work, I have continued developing other parts of the 3.x and attending all activities/calls needed for the 3.x and the community at large.

  • Pairing sessions and PR reviews for my fellow squad devs.
  • Daily coffee breaks.
  • I attended a Professional Development Management call which was organized by the fellowship admins @jennifer and @erica. It was a very educative session and thanks to the fellowship admins for coming up with that. I am looking forward to more sessions like those.
  • Last but not least I have accomplished all my set goals for March and am ready to do more in April :slightly_smiling_face:.

Besides that, I have been actively involved in helping out GSoC students to get set with their proposals by sharing useful resources and providing reviews of their draft proposals. The proposals look great and I am looking forward to seeing those projects implemented :hugs:.

Great thanks to my mentor @dkigen for the continued support and great mentorship through this fellowship, @grace for being such an awesome product manager and at the same time great team prayer whenever we are blocked in any way, @ibacher for the great reviews and guidance in the development on 3.x @vasharma05 for being a great teammate, allowing to have pairing sessions and sharing insights on many parts of the 3.x, and the entire frontend squad members for being an awesome team.

Hello everyone, It is Mid-April, and I would like to share a valuable lesson that I have learned in the past two weeks, the topic evolves on great developer experience;

What makes a great developer experience

For the past two weeks, I have been involved in fixing a bunch of bugs to unblock the Cambodia project and ensure a great user experience for the OpenMRS 3.x. We had a bug bash early last week with the Mekom team and we identified a bunch of bugs and feedback from Cambodia, two tickets stood out for me and gave me a great developer experience.

The first one was a long-term bug in the test results panel display where a test result with Today’s date was displaying time twice. When that bug was raised, we rushed to dev3 to try and reproduce it but because the data that was available was not having any test results with Today’s date, we assumed that it was probably fixed. The issue kept coming up but as a Frontend developer, I kept on raising the issue that I needed data with Today’s date so as to reproduce it or confirm that it is fixed. The lesson I learned from this was that I was being lazy as a developer and I wasn’t being creative enough :slightly_smiling_face:

My mentor @dkigen kept on mentioning to me that I don’t have to wait for the backend team to give me the data I need, I should rather modify the data to look like what I wanted. I was a bit hesitant to do that until when the QA team was almost archiving the ticket and considering it fixed.

I told them to hold on and I first try modifying the data so as to actually confirm that the issue is fixed. Upon modifying the data, I was able to reproduce the bug :melting_face: and eventually pushed a fix for it. I learned a very big lesson after this experience and we could all learn from that as developers.

The second issue was a visual bug that was happening with the form entry extended searchable select rendering the dropdown panel behind the form wrapper. When this issue was raised, the first thing I did was to try and use the inspect tool on dev3 and see how we could fix that, it was not so straightforward because those form inputs are actually defined in the openmrs-ngx-formentry repo and it is a repo that I am not so familiar with considering it uses a un familiar JS library(Angular). Again I was hesitant to tackle that because I wasn’t so sure where to start. Thanks to @mksrom and @achachiez for the push and guidance on this.

After a sync with Emmanuel, I worked on a fix in the ngx-formentry , Thanks to @ibacher and @dennis for the review and pointers on how to test the local changes with the patient chart so that we could actually confirm that those fixes will work for the patient chart. I wasn’t thinking in that direction and I spent good hours trying to work on the reviews. This was a great experience in the end even though those small changes were a bit complicated.

In a nutshell, I had a great experience as a developer with these two small yet challenging issues :slightly_smiling_face:.

Besides that;

  • I have continued to work on other issues and bug fixes.
  • I have continued to have pairing sessions with my fellow frontend devs.
  • I have reviewed a couple of GSoC draft proposals.
  • I have attended coffee breaks and squad calls.

Last but not least, following the fellowship sync I had with the fellowship admins @jennifer and @erica, I have started thinking about my fellowship project, some project that will help me implement a significant feature, write some unit tests, or E2E tests and possibly contribute to the existing documentation. From the sync I had with my mentor today, we brainstormed some possible projects and as soon as I gather the requirements, I will share my proposal with all of you.

Thank you Frontend squad and everyone for making my fellowship journey exciting.


Hello OpenMRS family, hope everyone is doing well, It is a new month and my fourth month into the fellowship and I am excited to write to you again to share some updates.

For the past two weeks I have been focused on the following;

  • Development on the 3.x. I managed to complete the ticket I mentioned in my previous post and it was such an amazing experience. Thanks to @ibacher for his guidance all through.
  • I also made a number of improvements to the patientList by improving the sorting, paginating and searching experience and the Test Results app to support in the feedback that we got from Faimer.
  • Besides the development we had GSoC evaluations on various projects. That also went well and thanks to the GSoC admins @jennifer @erica @jayasanka @kdaud and my fellow mentors @vasharma05 @piumal1999 @kumuditha @dkigen @dkayiwa @ibacher for the great collaboration. Looking forward to getting started :hugs:.
  • Also continued to support and collaborate with new devs on the FE squad and guided them through codebases and their first tickets.
  • Last but not least, I have been looking around and thinking hard about my fellowship project and it is going to be my highest priority this month, so stay tuned for that :slightly_smiling_face:.

Stay Blessed.


Hello friends and family, hope you are all doing great. I am here once again to share with you what I have been focused on for the past couple of weeks.

I was mostly focused on finding a project for my fellowship(2023) and I am glad to share that I have got a couple of interesting areas to work on as my fellowship project and I have already started.

  • With the guidance of my mentor @dkigen, I found interest in improving and adding functionality to the form builder by adding features, integration tests, and end-to-end automated tests for the form builder. Work so far contributed to the form builder as part of my fellowship project.

  • In addition to the form builder work, I also will be working on the Frontend of the ANC DAK project, this will also be a great area of the OpenMRS 3.x to work on for my project as it will improve my skills and add on the features I accomplish for my fellowship project. Thanks to @suruchi and @dkayiwa for this opportunity.

  • I will also be mentoring two GSoC students @deb and @lumuchris256 through their Print Feature and React Hook Forms projects respectively.

  • Besides the above, I will continue to collaborate with the FE team via onboarding sessions, pair sessions, unblocking sessions, and PR reviews.

I am still in the middle of my proposal and I will share it soon after gathering enough requirements about my projects of interest.

Thank you all!

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Hello friends and family, it is a new month of June filled with exciting things ahead. I would like to share what I have been up to the past two weeks.

  • I have added some end-to-end tests to test the functionality of searching and filtering by published status in our form-builder dashboard.
  • I started working on the ANC DAK project beginning with this ticket to display patient tasks by clicking an icon in the patient chart side rail.
  • I have also pushed a work-in-progress PR for adding an Admin interstitial page in our 3.x which will be an extension slot for projects we want to open in a new tab.

The big news is that I finished compiling my fellowship proposal and also spent some time gathering project requirements by carrying-out questionnaires with some of our community seniors who have a great experience with the use of forms. i.e. @dkigen @dkayiwa @ball Thank you so much for your time and collaboration in this activity. It helped me a lot to think big and have great ideas of features we can add to our form builder and engine. More details about my requirement elicitation can be found in my proposal shared above.

  • I also attended a 6-day boot camp organized by METs and UgandaEMR to improve the OpenMRS UgandaEMR application and migrate to 4.x. It was a great experience and I am happy to inform you that we achieved a lot, and made great improvements to forms and biometrics UI. I was personally involved with a new huge feature of patient queues, together with the team (@samuel34 @slubwama @pirupius ) we managed to deliver both the backend and frontend for viewing patient lists of patients in queues and adding a patient to a queue i.e checking in a patient. PR for some of my commits so far.

During this boot camp, I also had great pairing sessions with @deb focusing on improving validation in the vitals and biometric forms. PR for the improvements.

We plan to continue supporting this project as it is a great deal for both UgandaEMR and OpenMRS at large. Great thanks to @mmwanje and Jonathan for the great organization and coordination.

  • Last but not least, continuing with GSoC preparations and sync concerning gathering requirements and coming up with mock-ups for the print feature. Thanks, @deb @grace @dkigen @ddesimone and @fanderson for the great collaboration. Great thanks to @lumuchris256 for already breaking the ground with the GSoC project for React hook forms and actively engaging and updating his mentors.

Besides these outstanding activities, I have continued with unblocking, pairing, and review sessions with the FE team.

I won’t forget to thank the fellowship admins @jennifer and @erica for the great support in the background work that supports the smooth running of the fellowship. Thank you so much :pray:.

Next to come, More progress on my fellowship project.

Stay blessed :pray:


Hello friends and family, it’s the end of June and the beginning of July, such an exciting time of my fellowship journey :slightly_smiling_face:.

A lot has been going on for these past couple of weeks but the most outstanding thing I would like to share is that I started on my fellowship projects i.e ANC DAK Project(Flags and Tasks) and Form builder improvements.

Thanks, @dkayiwa and @jnsereko for the great support with the flags work, it is getting closer, I have finished most of the display work and just left with a few additions to get it over the line.

Besides project work, I have continued to do some PR reviews, coffee break unblocking sessions, GSoC mentorship, and guidance.

Some updates about the GSoC progress, so far so good, @deb and @lumuchris256 are doing very great work with the Print feature and React Hook Forms respectively, thank you, guys.

Great thanks to the FE and QA squad team for the tremendous work that everyone is doing and the great collaboration that is ensuring great improvements to the 3.x. Thanks @jwnasambu @jexsie @denywiryk @anjisvj @jayasanka @piumal1999 @ayushmishra and others :clap:.

Last but definitely not least, shoutout :raised_hands: to the squad about the V5 release, migration, dev docs, and huge performance improvements that recently went out. Thanks to @ibacher @dkigen and @vasharma05 :clap:. These changes have made 3.x faster and more efficient :slightly_smiling_face:.

More to come, Fellowship project updates.

Stay blessed.


Hello friends and family! Its mid-July and I am excited to share that I am moving on smoothly with my set goals ie Fellowship project and GSoC projects.

And I am yet to deliver the ability to drag and drop questions within a section in our interactive form builder.

I just have a few tweaks to make to the UI and write e2e tests for the functionality. Thanks to my mentor @dennis for the great feedback and continuous guidance.

Next steps

  • Deliver the drag and drop functionality fully.
  • Continue with more fixes and features for the form builder.
  • Once the Task API is ready, i will complete the UI for the patient tasks and get it ready as well.
  • Continue the GSoC mentorship.
  • Continue collaborating with the 3.x squad team and the community at large.

Last but not least I would like to thank @dkayiwa and @jnsereko for the great collaboration on the flags work and of course not forgetting the 3.x FE squad members @vasharma05 @jwnasambu @jexsie and others for the great collaboration which contributes greatly to the success of my fellowship.

Stay Blessed!


Keep going girl. The sky is your limit.

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Hello friends and family, hope this finds you well.

First of all, I would like to congratulate everyone for reaching our annual OpenMRS conference, it is an exciting moment for all of us :clap: :hugs:.

Secondly, I would like to share more about my fellowship project progress, these past weeks I have been working on implementing the Drag and Drop functionality in our interactive form builder and this feature should now be visible and usable on dev3.

PR with some demo video

A little about what this feature holds;

  • The ability for one to rearrange questions within a section as they please by just dragging and interchanging their vertical positions. This was one of the most requested feature improvements from many of our form users, so I take that as a win for 3.x :raised_hands:.

Besides that more form builder improvements are coming next, just to mention my mentor @dkigen and I are now looking at making it easy to add intelligent validations to our interactive form builder so that the implementers don’t have to write validation code directly in the schema.

About GSoC projects

  • Our students @deb and @lumuchris256 are doing a great job and are progressing as per their set timelines.

Another exciting thing is I have made a presentation that summarizes some of my outstanding work throughout my fellowship.

Finally, I am looking forward to making more great improvements to the form builder and the react form engine.

Happy conference week/month everyone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.