My fellowship Journey: Hadijah Kyampeire

@hadijah315 did you figure it out ? @jwnasambu do you have an idea on the epic that @ibacher addressed above ?

We just ended our August sprint this week on Wednesday and I would like to share some of the highlights and achievements that we managed to do on the dictionary Manager. We had a couple of bugs from our implementers and other team members after doing QA and we were able to fix at least 95% of them in this sprint and even made a release to production. Kudos to the team :clap:.

As per the fellowship program goals, one of the main focuses we had was working on an independent project which covers most of the technical skills we plan to master. i.e ReactJs, Redux, Carbon, Material UI, Sass, Cypress, Cucumber among others.

We started on it last month, the Api is being developed by @patrickcmd and we have started to consume some of the endpoints that are available so far. New things I have learned;

  1. Implementing Google Authentication with firebase, which was so cool :heart_eyes:
  2. Using the Carbon design framework for components.

Github repo

The struggle continues, we still have a lot to cover and learn.


It has been a long time since I posted but I am happy to add to my fellowship journey that I was able to complete the personal project I had set for Suruchi, Patrick, and myself. I was able to;

  1. Add unit tests using the react testing library and Jest.
  2. Did CI with Travis and GitHub actions.
  3. Also added automated tests with Cucumber and cypress. It was a great learning experience for me, I used the knowledge I got from the automated tests in the OCL, thanks to Ian for the good test setup and commands, I used the same approach in my own tests and it made the process easier.

My test badges on Github Chrome view of the automated tests.

Besides that project;

  • I have been working with the documentation team, working on the Dictionary Manager Project Page, feel free to take a look and leave some feedback :hugs:.
  • Working on the dictionary manager tickets and bug fixes.
  • Pairing and debugging sessions with Suruchi and Ian.
  • Mentorship hours.
  • More automated tests for concepts.
  • Other calls and sessions.

With this project done, I consider it a great success for this fellowship journey, I will mainly focus on the developer Get started guide for the Dictionary Manager which is the next focus for the documentation team.

I will continue to do Dictionary manager development work, mentorship, PR reviews, and pairing sessions.

I am looking forward to another bigger practical project that can be more helpful to the community, I will reach out to @grace and @jennifer for more pointers and ideas on that. It could be a great thing for @suruchi and me to work on as we conclude the 9 months.

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Forgot to mention my other major focus this sprint, it’s to have 3 different workflow badges for the Dictionary Manager automated tests, thanks to @kdaud for accepting to take us through how that will be done. Hopefully, we shall have a call scheduled for that pair session this week.

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Would be glad to be there! Just send a calendar invite and hopefully my colleague @sharif will be available to give guidance too on workflow test configurations to have the deal done.

I was actually thinking of reaching out to @sharif as well, you just spoke my mind :slightly_smiling_face:. Maybe just to confirm which time is convenient for all of you @sharif @kdaud @suruchi

Can make it on Monday or Tuesday.

Time? @kdaud

Any time before 4:00 pm EAT

Great, let’s wait for Suruchi and Sharif to see if they are okay with that time and date.

Thanks @hadijah315 am fine with the time , we can sync

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Thanks, @sharif for honouring the invitation on short notice.

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Documentation work

On behalf of the Dictionary manager, I have been working so closely with the Documentation team these last few months to improve the Get Started guide for both Technical and non-technical contributors, thanks to the teams’ guidance and feedback, I managed to greatly improve the document.

Also thanks to @bstuder99 for organizing the folder structure and directory of the team documents.

Another exciting event that just started with the documentation team was the monthly documentation workshops these have been great and fun with great ideas to expand and improve documentation across the community. Thanks, @kaylinbracey @jennifer, and @gracebish for the organization.

Mentor Office Sessions

For this past month, we have had great mentor sessions about feedback, I personally learnt a lot from Jennifer and the other member through sharing different experiences and I am happy to share that I have started working on implementing the Feedback Sandwich that I learnt from the sessions. Looking forward to more educative sessions like those. :point_up:

Separating Dictionary Manager Workflows

For the October sprint, I had a task to make separate workflows for the Dictionary Manager automated tests, at first I wanted to use tags as advised by @sharif and @kdaud but unfortunately I wasn’t successful, we had a couple of pair sessions with Sharif, Daudi, and Suruchi to try and get tags to work but it looks like we were missing something, however, we plan to come back to using tags once we figure that out. cc @kdaud @sharif.

Automated tests and data level testing

For the past month, I have been focused on writing cypress and cucumber tests for the importation process from the Dictionary Manager to the OCL Subscription Module and then doing a data field level testing between the OCLApi and the RefAppApi to confirm that the concepts are correctly imported. I am happy to share that it is 95% done and passing well.

It was a challenging and learning experience for me, thanks to the people who were there to answer my questions and guide me through this work. @ibacher @suruchi @sharif @grace .

Dictionary Manager work sessions

Last week we had two days of dedicated work sessions and an open QA session for the Dictionary Manager and the OCL team, this was a very great experience. I got the chance to have pairing sessions with @suruchi and @ibacher about some of the tickets that were stressful, through the sessions we made great progress and were able to finish the tickets shortly after. Thank you to our PMs(Grace and Suruchi) for organizing that and thank you to our Senior talent and the OCL team who were there to answer any of our questions.

Below is a screenshot of the automated tests for OCLOMRS-1061. and the ReadMe badge for the workflow badge.

Note the data field testing will not be seen in the browser since it’s not a UI interaction but you can check them up on the pull request.

For the next month and a half, as I conclude my fellowship journey, I intend to continue with the Dictionary Manager technical work, mentorship sessions, and possibly start on the documentation work for ticket management on the Dictionary Manager Squad.


Happy new year 2022 to all of you :fireworks: . We have finally come to the end of our fellowship which started in April 2021 and I am glad to say it was such an amazing journey of learning and sharing knowledge.

Great thanks go to everyone who made this possible for us, the community leads and organizers @jennifer @grace @burke @michaelbontyes @ball @dkayiwa @ibacher, and all the other stakeholders, thank you so much for giving us such a great opportunity.

Great thanks to @ibacher our senior Engineer for always helping us and guiding us both technically and professionally on how to improve our coding skills.

To the Dictionary Manager squad @grace @ibacher @suruchi @jwnasambu @chanu1993 , thanks for being a great team, together we achieved great things and improved the Dictionary Manager App. Let’s continue building and improving the Dictionary Manager Application.

I also had a chance to work with the QA squad because we had to implement automated tests for the Dictionary Manager, thanks to @sharif and @kdaud for being there whenever we needed you and helping us understand the QA concept.

Besides coding, I also had a chance to work with the Documentation team and learned how to write technical documentation that can help both technical and non-technical contributors to get started with the projects we have in OpenMRS. Thanks, @bstuder99 @jennifer @kaylinbracey @gracebish for the guidance and feedback.

Lastly, Special thanks to Suruchee for being a great mentee, friend, and team player.

I am looking forward to continuing the development of Dictionary Manager and other projects in the community.


New Fellowship starts today :fireworks: :hugs:

Hello everyone, I am excited to share the news of a new fellowship journey which I am starting today as a Fellow under the mentorship of a senior Engineer @zacbutko . I am looking forward to learning new skills and building my engineering career with his guidance.

I would like to extend special thanks and appreciation to the fellowship board and management team for giving me this opportunity to participate in this fellowship. @jennifer @grace @christine @paul @zacbutko thank you so much.

Very excited about this new journey :raised_hands: .

More updates will be coming in…


Congratulations @hadijah315

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Thanks @abertnamanya

Congratulations :confetti_ball: @hadijah315

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OpenMRS Frontend Dev Fellowship Journey 2022.

I got the opportunity to be part of the OpenMRS fellowship as a Frontend Dev mainly working on 3.0 app and getting familiar with MicroFrontends. We had an official kick-off last week where we were onboarded on how the classrooms will be working. I am so excited to use the classroom platform it is so organized and helps one to properly keep the progress of their work in a given timeline.

I had my first call with my mentor @zacbutko who gave me pointers on how to get started and told me about some ongoing work that I can contribute to.

What I plan to do in my first month

  • Use the template repo, build on it and add my own small MF in order to get familiar with how components are used and how data is fetched from the API.
  • Weekly calls/syncs with my mentor.
  • Attend squad calls and design calls to get more knowledge of what is happening around the application development.
  • Collaborate with @lumuchris256 during development since we have aligned goals and share the same interest.
  • Revise and document my fellowship goals.

Month 1 of the fellowship(April-May):

In my first month of the frontend dev fellowship, I have been able to learn a lot and I have been able to achieve or start on my goals for the first 2 months.

Getting started with building Microfrontends based on the template repo:

  • I implemented the OpenMRS admin info page using carbon design tables and styles, I accomplished that in two PRs i.e PR1 and PR2. Thanks to my mentor for reviewing my work and advising me on the best practices that are used on the 3.x, this helped me to prepare well to start contributing to the main repo.

Working on the esm-patient-management-repo: (Patient Visit Header)

  • After getting familiar with how microfrontends work, I was ready to dive deep into the actual codebase. With the guide from my mentor, I picked a big feature for Patient Visit Header which we want to add to the patient chart page and have some actions and patient info easily accessible at the top nav.
  • Thanks to @dkibet for starting on this feature. I started with making some enhancements to the header like adding functionality for the Start Visit button, catering for long names, and using the right teal color as per the zeplin mocks and ticket description.
  • Implementing the visit header close button as expected: The close button on the visit header is meant to take the user back to their previous page or fall back to home if there is no previous page.

What I plan to do next

  • Continue working on the visit header, there are many more implementations needed like adding the patient status and visit type.
  • Weekly syncs with my mentor.
  • Squad calls and showcases.
  • Continue to build and update my goals.

Thanks to @zacbutko @ibacher @dkibet @dkigen for the technical support towards my fellowship journey.