Multi-practice support in OpenMRS

I’m planning to use OpenMRS to provide EHR support for a new Ghana based telehealth project, and need to know if the OpenMRS database is multi-tenant.

In other words, can a single instance of OpenMRS be shared securely by multiple different healthcare practices, or will each separate organization or practice require their own instance of OpenMRS?

Please let me know if more information is needed to be able to answer my question.

Thanks, Thomas

OpenMRS does not yet support full multitenancy. I have seen some implementations in Nigeria (@ggomez) that are using work arounds like the Location Based Access Control module.

@angshuonline is of the opinion that a true SaaS Maturity Model 4 with multi-tenancy of single DBs are not desirable always, in this age where infra is cheap and dynamic provisioning is very much achievable. He goes ahead and gives some details here: Bahmni as Multi-Tenant SAAS solution


Thank you very much for your prompt and thoughtful answer to my question… it was very helpful.