Moving Patient data from one OpenMRS installation to another

Hello all,

Current situation: Clinic A has patient (Mr. Smith) information. Mr. Smith moved to a new area where there is Clinic B.

Clinical A and Clinic B uses the exact installation of OpenMRS (including operating system, OpenMRS, Database, and forms).

The physician in Clinic B requested Mr. Smith information to be transferred from Clinic A to Clinic B.

How is it possible to move the patient information between the two installations .

Thanks very much

@yadamz is clinic A and B under one management? if this is so, then it should be possible for the physician to view Mr.Smith’s information/ records from any of the clinics through the system. However, if clinic A and B are clinics under different management, then it should not be possible for the physician to view/ access Mr. Smith’s information from any other clinic regardless of whether clinic A and B uses the same system as this will amount to breach of the patient’s privacy.

@yadamz did you look at Sync 2.0?

I understand what does it do. However, there are two problems 1- This will expose all patient information in Clinic A to providers in clinic B. 2- You have to start with identical database.

Different managements is the problem. While we support both, they are different providers who should not have access to patients they are not taking care of.