Module: Visit Documents UI 1.2 released

Hi @kshebbar,

What do you mean by that? If it’s entirely blank then that’s weird.
But I’m suspecting that you don’t have a patient with an active visit and that the main screen doesn’t show anything then.

Can you ensure that you are accessing the Attachments main page for a patient that has an active visit?

Hi @mksd, you are spot on; Thanks a lot, yes, it is due to no active visits. Thanks a lot for the quick response and solution.

Hello There. Is there any end point to download patient attachment or document. I looking around but haven’t found anything. Thanks

Example used here in openmrs-esm-patient-chart-widgets:

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Hey @mksd thanks for your response. I used this already but It returning info about the file like type etc. But I am actually expecting the url or base64 string how can I get that. Thanks

@atiq it’s a subresource:


Example here.

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Yes got it.Really appreciate your response @mksd Thank you :blush: