Module to assist Platform upgrades from pre-1.10 versions

how about catalina.out!!! Please use for the logs and attach here the url

I am using tomcat 6.0.16 and cannot only see 3 files under the tomcat/logs folder; stdout.log, jakarta_service_20160403.log and stderr.log. stderr.log has no data while jakarta has only 2kb worth of data. I thought the error would be in stdout.log which has 93kb.

Do I need an software to fork and clone? Will the command “mvn clean install” run on mac?

You need no extra software if you followed Just follow the normal process of building an openmrs module and build the omod which you will upload into openmrs, from the log, it looks like you are either using a wrong file format or have not at all installed the module

Just pushed up a new release at:

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